Window caulking on the south shore of Montreal is a crucial task in construction and maintenance projects. It ensures that windows remain well-sealed, preventing leaks, drafts, and energy loss. However, when it comes to caulking windows at heights of 30 feet or more, using a traditional ladder becomes inefficient and unsafe. In Quebec, where safety regulations are stringent, the law prohibits employees from spending more than four hours on a ladder to minimize potential risks. To address these challenges,professional construction companies are turning to boom lift machines as a safe and efficient solution to properly seal high windows, as well as other elements at elevated levels like fascias, soffits,cheminees, skylights and roof joints.


The Inefficiencies and Dangers of Ladder Usage when caulking windows in height.


Caulking windows on the ground level or at a reachable height is relatively straightforward using ladders. However, attempting the same task at heights of 30 feet or higher presents several challenges. Firstly, it becomes exceedingly difficult for workers to reach and maintain balance on a ladder for many hours. Even with proper training and safety gear, the inherent instability of ladders at such heights poses a significant risk of accidents and injuries. As per Quebec’s construction law, limiting ladder usage to four hours helps mitigate these dangers, but it also hinders productivity on large-scale projects.

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The Boom Lift Machine: A Safe and Efficient Alternative For Window caulking.


A boom lift machine, also known as a cherry picker, provides a safe and efficient solution for caulking windows and other elevated elements. These machines feature an extendable arm that can reach heights of 100 feet or more, making them ideal for projects with tall buildings and structures. The platform on the end of the arm allows workers to comfortably and safely access the areas that need caulking, providing stability and security that ladders simply cannot match.

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Advantages of Boom Lift Machines for Window Caulking at Heights:


Enhanced Safety: Boom lifts come equipped with safety features such as harnesses, railings, and emergency controls, minimizing the risk of falls and accidents. Workers can focus on their task without worrying about balance or stability issues.


Increased Efficiency: The speed and ease of maneuverability of boom lifts enable workers to complete caulking tasks much faster than they could with ladders. This not only boosts productivity but also allows employees to focus on other crucial aspects of the project.


Reach and Accuracy: With the boom’s extendable arm, workers can access tight spots, corners, and challenging-to-reach areas with precision. This ensures a thorough and accurate caulking job, providing better sealing and insulation.


Beyond Window Caulking: Additional Applications


The versatility of boom lift machines extends beyond window caulking. They are equally beneficial for accessing other elevated elements in construction projects, such as:

  •  Caulking Fascias and Soffits: Often located high up on the exterior of homes and buildings, these elements require regular inspection and maintenance. Boom lifts make it easier for workers to access and seal them efficiently.
  • Caulking Roof Joints on 2nd or 3rd Levels: Caulking and maintaining roof joints are essential for preventing water leaks and structural damage. Boom lifts provide a stable platform for workers to access these areas without risking their safety.
  • Indeed, the initial step of replacing caulking joints involves the labor-intensive process of removing the old caulking. Polyurethane, mono, or thermoplastic caulking, commonly used in the past for sealing windows and building elements, can be notoriously challenging to remove. It demands significant strength and effort, which becomes even more daunting when working at height. Attempting to remove old caulking on a ladder in height poses serious safety risks for workers, and it may lead to incomplete removal or cutting corners due to limited accessibility. Utilizing a boom lift for the removal of old caulking not only ensures the safety of the team but also allows for a more thorough and precise removal process, setting the stage for a successful and long-lasting caulking application.
  • Caulking around chimneys and skylights is a critical aspect of maintaining a watertight building envelope. These areas are particularly susceptible to water infiltration, which can lead to costly damage and energy loss. The boom lift machine proves to be an invaluable asset for caulking around chimneys and skylights, making the process remarkably efficient. With the ability to reach high and challenging spots, workers can achieve a perfect seal, ensuring that these vulnerable areas are well-protected against water leaks and potential structural issues. Thanks to the boom lift’s versatility and precision, the caulking process becomes streamlined, providing peace of mind to both contractors and building owners alike.
  • Absolutely, when hiring a professional caulking company that specializes in waterproofing building envelopes with a boom lift, you gain a distinct advantage in identifying potential sources of leaks and water infiltration. The elevated vantage point provided by the boom lift allows the caulking team to thoroughly inspect the building’s exterior for any signs of trouble. This includes spotting cracks in the bricks, faulty jay trims, clogged water exits, weep holes, or other damaged construction materials that might compromise the building’s water tightness and construction integrity.




Caulking high windows, fascias, soffits, and roof joints is a vital part of construction and maintenance projects, ensuring energy efficiency and preventing water infiltration. However, using ladders for window caulking and other elements in height can result in a limited reach and therefore faulty caulking application . Boom lift machines offer an efficient and secure alternative, allowing workers to reach heights of 30 feet and beyond with ease and accuracy. 


The use of a boom lift for caulking and inspecting building envelopes provides a safe, efficient, and comprehensive approach to sealing potential entry points and identifying any existing water infiltration issues. Hiring a professional caulking company with expertise in boom lift usage is a wise investment that ultimately protects your property and preserves its structural integrity for years to come.


On the south shore of Montreal, Calfeutrage Apex stands out as a leading caulking company specializing in accurately sealing windows and other building elements at heights. Our expertise extends to single homes, condo buildings, and commercial structures of two levels or higher. At Calfeutrage Apex, we prioritize the safety of both our team and our customers, which is why we invest in advanced and up-to-date equipment for our projects.


Among our impressive lineup of boom lift machines, one of our specialties is the Nifty Lift tracked boom lift. This specialized machine is designed for landscaping work but proves to be incredibly valuable for caulking tasks as well. The Nifty Lift’s outstanding narrow body allows it to maneuver through regular-sized doors and gates without causing damage to lawns or landscapes. This feature is particularly advantageous for accessing hard-to-reach areas in residential and commercial properties, ensuring that we can effectively address caulking needs with minimal disruption to the surroundings.


By utilizing cutting-edge equipment like the Nifty Lift tracked boom lift, Calfeutrage Apex maintains a competitive edge in the industry, offering our clients top-notch services that prioritize safety, precision, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to using the best tools available allows us to deliver exceptional results for all caulking projects, no matter the height or complexity involved.