Caulking service on the south shore of Montreal

When it comes to scheduling maintenance work on your property, remember to include caulking around your windows, doors, and other openings to preserve the value and waterproofing of your home. The vagaries of our region’s weather can easily deteriorate your home’s construction materials and it is essential to apply quality caulking to preserve them. Your property is an important investment for you and it is wise to invest in protecting it from all types of infiltration.

Our caulking work on the South Shore:

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Choose Apex Caulking: Montreals’ South Shore Caulking Service.

If your home, condominium, or building is located on the South Shore of Montreal, call on the professional South Shore caulking services of Calfeutrage Apex Caulking. We only work with caulking professionals who have many years of experience in the door and window caulking domain and all the necessary certifications and insurance. The specialists of Calfeutrage Apex Caulking will make your property airtight and watertight.

Our caulking work on the south shore:

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Avoid caulking mistakes by entrusting your professional caulking work to the experts at Calfeutrage Apex Caulking.

Caulking a house may seem simple, but it involves much more than sealing two joints together. It’s important to distinguish between the openings in your home’s envelope that should be caulked and those that should be left open.

Many caulking errors have been noted by our experts. In addition to confusion about what should and should not be caulked, we have often found that new sealants have been applied directly over the old sealants. We also found that in some cases sealants that have been applied to a poorly cleaned surface, crumbled in a short period of time and suffered much other quality or aesthetic problems.

Fortunately, you can avoid these problems by entrusting your South Shore caulking work to Calfeutrage Apex Caulking. Our knowledge and understanding of building envelopes and caulking needs on the South Shore are extensive. We respect the construction codes of the building and maintain the necessary harmony between its materials and caulking products.

Proper caulking work on the South Shore: 

Removing oold caulk. Calfeutrage Apex Caulking 

Removal of the old sealant                                            Cleanup of the surfaces before the application of the new sealant.


We use only high-quality caulking products.

The Calfeutrage Apex Caulking team uses only the best exterior caulking in every type of structure. After inspecting your property and identifying its various materials, we will suggest specific caulking products for each type of opening to be caulked, whether it is a window, door, balcony, or air outlet. Glass and wood surfaces require different sealants and our experience allow us to recommend the appropriate product. Precise measurements will be taken and the estimate you receive will be detailed.

Get peace of mind by having Calfeutrage Apex Caulking do the caulking work on your South Shore property. When we replace the caulking on your home’s windows, doors, and other joints, the products we use are resistant to the wear and tear of time, building movement, and pollution. All the products we use are of high quality and are specially adapted to the Quebec climate. Entrusting the caulking of your home to caulking experts can help you avoid water damage, which is usually much more expensive than the cost of preventive caulking.

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Our South Shore caulking services are tailored to your needs.

The caulking needs of residential, condominium and commercial property owners are different and the Calfeutrage Apex Caulking team knows how to meet them.

Our caulking work on the South Shore:


Caulking the siding.


Residential caulking on the South Shore.

If you are the sole owner of your home, you are responsible for all decisions and maintenance routines of your property. There are several benefits to optimizing your home’s caulking. There is of course the elimination of water infiltration through windows. In Quebec and on the South Shore of Montreal, poor caulking is conducive to water infiltration which causes mold and attacks the structure of the building. Reducing the amount of money you spend on electricity should also be a motivating factor in choosing to caulk your home. Sealing holes and openings in your home’s envelope will reduce cold drafts and save you money every month. You’ll also be pleased to know that proper caulking can reduce insect intrusion into your home.

Apex Caulking: Residential caulking work on the South Shore of Montreal.

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Condominium caulking on the South Shore.

By looking at the south side of your condominium building, check for cracks or gaps in the caulking. Apex Caulking’s South Shore team is equipped to re-seal these joints, no matter the size of your building. In addition, the thorough inspection of the building that our inspector performs allows us to give the condominium managers a detailed estimate specifying all the parts of the building that need to be caulked, the size of each joint to be caulked, the colors chosen, and the prices.

Condo building caulking work on the South Shore:

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Commercial Caulking on the South Shore.

A professional replacement of the caulking on the south side of your commercial building will benefit many aspects of your business. First, the comfort of your customers and employees is improved by the absence of water and air infiltration. Then, the aesthetics of your structure is embellished by the application of a quality sealant whose color will not fade over the years. Finally, energy costs will be reduced by improving the airtightness of your building. Have Apex Caulking, the caulking specialists on the South Shore, evaluate the work to be done.

Commercial caulking work on the South Shore:

Calfeutrage Saint Jean sur Richelieu   Calfeutrage de parc safari calfeutrage Apex Le calfeutrage des fameux tunnels des lions dans le parc safari.

Caulking Day Care Perle De Lune             Caulking the famous lions tunnel in Parc Safari.

Calfeutrage commercial calfeutrage Apex

Caulking Saint Eugene school.


Discover the professionalism of our caulking process.

Whether you are working to improve the caulking of private homes, commercial buildings or condominiums located on the South Shore, Calfeutrage Apex Caulking uses the best caulking techniques and products. We follow the strictest standards and respect the building and safety codes when replacing the exterior caulking of your windows, all openings and the joints between your different materials.

The steps of caulking repair that we follow are precise. First, the old caulking must be removed; we never apply it over the old sealant. Then, a meticulous cleaning of all the surfaces to be caulked is done to increase the adhesion of the new sealant. Next comes the application of a commercial-grade caulk that is perfectly adapted to the Quebec climate. Our caulking artists on the South Shore can then demonstrate their talents by smoothing the joints perfectly to ensure a watertight seal and a flawless look. Finally, you can rest assured that our specialists will leave your property clean and inviting.

Our caulking work on the South Shore:


Application of a backer rod


Accurate estimates and knowledgeable customers for the work they entrust to Apex Caulking.

Many of you are unaware of the importance and usefulness of caulking for all types of properties. It’s normal not to know everything, and that’s why it’s reassuring to be well accompanied in the process of choosing a caulking specialist on the South Shore of Montreal. The Apex Caulking team finds that its customers ask more questions about why they need new caulking, where to caulk, and when to apply the sealants than they do about the price of the job.

You will understand the estimate that Apex Caulking will give you because we will have first answered your questions during the thorough inspection of your home and all the details related to the caulking of your home will be specified in the estimate. When you trust us with your South Shore caulking job, you’ll know all the details of your project.

On this picture: caulking replacement on the south shore of Montreal

quote of caulking Apex

Perfect color matching.


Entrust the caulking of your property to the experts at Apex South Shore Caulking and it will be beautiful

The appearance of your South Shore home can look neglected if your window caulking is showing its age, your door sealant is peeling, or the color of your caulking has yellowed over time. In addition to waterproofing your home and improving its exterior appearance, Calfeutrage Apex offers a rejuvenating treatment by replacing its caulking on the South Shore and allows it to increase its value.

The care we take in choosing the exact shade to match your materials and the careful application our caulking artists perform improve the look of your windows, the appearance of your doors, and the overall look of your home’s exterior. The result will charm you, increase the value of your home, condo, or building and make you proud of it. Check with your real estate agent if you are planning to sell soon… Worn out or poorly done caulking often results in a problematic inspection.

Caulking on the south side of doors and windows.

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What cities do we provide South Shore caulking services in?

Our caulking services on the South Shore of Montreal are available to customers in Longueuil, Brossard, Chambly, Granby, Bromont, Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, La Prairie, Delson, Candiac, Boucherville, and many other cities. For a complete list of cities, visit our website at

If you have a caulking project on the South Shore, contact us at 438-288-0338.

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