Caulking the windows of your home or condominium building located on the South Shore of Montreal is an essential part of a general maintenance routine for your building. The extreme weather conditions we live in,  put your building materials to the test and quality caulking is essential to protect them. Your property is often your most important investment and it needs to be protected from the consequences of air and water infiltration.

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When you choose Calfeutrage Apex Caulking to caulk your home, you can expect your exterior caulking renovations to be professional and make your building air and watertight.

Calfeutrage Apex is a caulking specialist and a family-owned business that specializes in caulking on the South Shore of Montreal. Our business offers caulking services to seal your property professionally with the best products on the market at competitive prices.

No matter the building, we can caulk it!

Caulking doors and windows protect your residence, your business or building from heat loss, moisture intrusion, mold rot, cold drafts or even from insects entering your structure all year round.


In collaboration with the managers and boards of directors of condominium buildings, we build a plan that is tailored financially, technically and professionally to the building’s co-owners and management. We meet the highest standards of the construction industry and always apply sealants according to a rigorous process that guarantees the quality and consistency of the work.


We are the gold standard in residential caulking services on the South Shore of Montreal. We can provide caulking joints on a new construction or replace old caulking on an existing residential building. Homeowners can ensure that their building envelope is watertight and avoid problems caused by water, air or insect infiltration.


Caulking joints are extremely important for commercial buildings, especially in terms of airtightness and visual appeal. When joints in a commercial building are damaged or simply poorly made, property damage, financial loss and even health risks to customers and employees can result. We can properly replace or install your caulking to ensure a job well done!

Quality caulking on the South Shore of Montreal

We use the best and most advanced caulking techniques when caulking homes, commercial buildings and condominiums on the South Shore of Montreal. Guided by the highest standards, the replacement of exterior window caulking, door seals or siding is done in compliance with building and safety codes.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We remove the old caulking (we do not caulk over your old sealant);
  • We clean the surfaces to be caulked and remove as much dirt as possible to allow the best possible adhesion of the new sealant;
  • We apply a commercial-grade caulk that is specially designed for Quebec temperatures;
  • We smooth all joints to ensure that they are air and watertight;
  • We leave your property in pristine condition.

Choosing Calfeutrage Apex means choosing superior quality sealing products

Calfeutrage Apex is proud to choose Adseal 4580 to seal residential, commercial and industrial structures.

Our caulking services include:

  • Window and door caulking
  • Flashing caulking
  • Expansion joints
  • Architectural joints
  • Air vent outlet joints
  • Balcony joints
  • Thermo replacement joints
  • Condo caulking
  • Residential caulking
  • Commercial caulking
  • Electric outlet joints
  • Industrial caulking
  • Free quotes
  • Indoor caulking
  • Rv caulking
  • Precast joints

How do you choose the right type of sealant for each surface?

Let Apex Caulking, the caulking experts on the South Shore, choose the best caulking product.

Whether it’s caulking a window, a balcony joint or an air vent, we carefully select the exterior sealant that best adheres to the surface to which it is applied. Wood and glass surfaces require different types of caulking. Apex Caulking’s caulking inspector will perform a detailed inspection of your home’s building materials and select the best polymer caulk to use.

The quality of caulking products.

Knowing that your home is sealed with the highest quality caulking materials will give you peace of mind. After all, bills resulting from water damage can add up to significant sums of money, often representing 10 or 20 times the cost of caulking your home. Itt makes financial sense to have your home caulked by Calfeutrage  Apex Caulking, the South Shore caulking professionals. When we replace the caulking on your South Shore home’s windows, doors and other joints, we use durable products designed to withstand the effects of time, pollution, building movement and wear and tear. All our products are specially adapted to Quebec’s climatic conditions.

Say goodbye to inefficient and unsightly caulking

The wearing out of caulking around your structure can be a result of poor caulking material, bad application, pollution, UV exposure or temperature extremes.

We understand the devastating consequences of flawed caulking on your structure and we take every necessary step to ensure that our caulking applications are done precisely and accurately to last for many years with a 10-year warranty. We always remove old caulking before applying the new layer and we make sure that every crack is properly sealed.

What is caulking?

A caulking joint bonds together two materials, for example, a window frame to a concrete wall or between two concrete panels, in order to block the movement of water or air through the building envelope.

Professional caulking has to be performed to the highest standards and in accordance with the construction industry. The caulking sealant has to be applied on a clean surface; free of dirt, old material, moisture and dust.

To learn more about caulking and related topics, visit our blog section!

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Accurate and professional caulking inspections on the South Shore of Montreal

What do you know about caulking? Most homeowners are unaware of the importance and usefulness of caulking in their homes. That’s why most people who approach different window caulking contractors ask questions about why they need to caulk, where and when to caulk, and not just about the cost of doing the work. Before we give you an estimate, we visit your property to see what building materials are present, what caulking is already in place and the condition of the seals. With us, you can be sure that you will be informed of all the little details that concern your project.

You need a caulking specialist.

We do more than just caulk your property, we are the caulking specialists.
It is a complete misconception that anyone who can seal two joints is a caulking expert. Although caulking is applied to close the openings in your home’s envelope, some openings should not be sealed.

Over the years, we have seen and noticed many caulking errors; items caulked that should not have been or items that should have been caulked and were not, sealants applied directly over the old sealant, sealants that crumble because the surface was not cleaned during application, and many other quality issues. Apex Caulking is a reliable caulking company located on the South Shore. We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the building envelope and how to seal it. We understand that the structure of a building works in harmony with its building materials and we have the skills to seal it properly.

Your home or building will look great.

If your window caulking is worn out, your door caulking is cracked, and the appearance of the sealants has deteriorated, your home may look neglected. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that a caulking job done by Apex Caulking can not only waterproof and improve the exterior of your home or building, but also rejuvenate it and possibly increase its value.

At Apex Caulking, when we caulk South Shore properties, we match the colour of the caulking to the exact colour of your building materials. You’ll be amazed at the impact that the right caulking colour combined with the precise, professional application by true caulking artists can have on the appearance of your windows, doors, siding and architectural joints.

Thinking of selling your home? Check with your broker…caulking is a common reason why a significant number of homes or buildings fail inspection

We only work with expert professionals – experienced caulkers on the South Shore of Montreal.
We are proud to work with professionals who have solid experience, often 15 to 30 years, in the caulking business. Our team members have a CCQ certificate of competency, are insured by the CENSST and have their ASP card.