Professional caulking service in Marieville

Are you currently an owner of private home, a business or multiplex in Marieville? Are you a property manger or condo owner? Is your caulking expired or damaged?

Calfeutrage Apex is your caulking contractor in Marieville! Our team is made up of experienced caulkers and has years of experience in sealing hundreds of buildings.

Why have your Marieville property caulked?

Living in Marieville, Quebec, the changing seasons are always followed by plenty of water coming in contact with our residential homes in the form of rain during spring, summer and fall and snow and ice during the winter. The most vulnerable parts of a structure that come into contact with water are gaps, splits and cracks, that invite water in and result in damages, rot, decay and mold.

Other problems can arise from poor caulking

When the cold season arrives, cold air can infiltrate a property through any opening in the building envelope and increase energy bills.. Small insects such lizards, flies or wasps can also enter your home if the caulking is faulty.

How do i know if my caulking is due for replacement?

The first step is to assess the current condition of your building’s caulking for signs of wear and degradation.

There is no caulking around your doors and windows

As described above, caulking is an extremely important step to protect your home. If there is little or no caulking around your doors, window and siding, it must be done as soon as possible.

Caulking is cracked, broken, dry

Over the years, elements such as cold weather, extreme heat, air pollution, the movement of a structure (buildings extract and contract) snow and rain wear out the sealants of the building. Caulking typically has to be replaced every 10-20 years depending on the caulking material.

Water leaks

If you notice wetness or moisture around your doors and windows, it may be a sign that your caulking is missing or failing.

Quick and easy test to evaluate your caulking joints

Poke the caulking joint with a pen or your finger. An up to date caulking joint will be flexible and bounce back. If the caulking joint is hard and dry, it’s time to replace it.

Other signs that the caulking on your Marieville property is no longer effective

Cold air currents

The feeling of cold air coming through your closed windows is a possible indication that your home or business is not properly sealed.

Increased energy consumption

Electricity bills are high and your heating system is running more than usual.

Time to redo your caulking joints? Give yourself peace of mind with Calfeutrage Apex

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