New caulking is undoubtedly a powerful way to elevate health, safety, and sanitation standards in your facility, hotel, plant, industrial or institutional building.

Caulking closes gaps and protects exterior and interior surfaces against moisture infiltration, air infiltration, and energy loss. It hides visual irregularities and closes spaces where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.

Waterproof sealant is an essential component in an industrial setting.

Facility managers or landlords can’t afford to have water damage and other structural issues interrupting production. Therefore, regular inspections of the building’s sealants and their replacement when they have deteriorated will benefit the industrial building’s structural integrity.

Calfeutrage Apex: An experienced caulking contractor for your industrial caulking project in Montreal and the south shore.

When it comes to industrial caulking, Calfeutrage Apex specializes in both:

Industrial Exterior caulking 

On the south shore of Montreal, cold winter’s freezing temperatures and the hot summers’ blazing sun can impact building elements. As years go by, weather conditions and air pollution can wear out exterior building components. Since industrial structures are usually more extensive and more massive than an average residential or commercial building, they should be well sealed with durable and flexible exterior caulk joints that protect the industrial building against air and water infiltration.

Save thousands of dollars in energy and damages.

Since heating and cooling industrial buildings require a lot of energy, industrial caulking can save thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. It can also protect the building against the expensive damages of water infiltration. It not only helps to preserve the structure but also attributes to its esthetic appearance.


The indoor industrial caulk is used to seal joints and gaps between surfaces. The purpose of interior caulking is to protect against water leaks and moisture infiltration. Just like exterior caulking, indoor industrial caulks are available in a variety of colours and are used in many types of industries:

  • Indoor caulking for medical facilities and laboratories
  • Industrial food plants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Caulking for public bathrooms
  • Caulking for shopping centers
  • Research centers

And the list goes on….

Silicon caulking: Dowsil 700 series, is great for indoor industrial caulking

Here are a number of the characteristics of the industrial silicone caulk we use for indoor industrial and commercial sealing:

  • Mildew resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Repels water.
  • It maintains its flexibility throughout the years.
  • It does not stain or change its colour or appearance.
  • It maintains its shape, width, and strength throughout the years.
  • Complies with FDA Regulation No. 21 CFR 177.2600
  • It’s a coloured caulk that is available in many colours.

Food grade caulking

Whether we seal a laboratory, a food plant or a commercial kitchen, we choose industrial-grade sealants that are antimicrobial and are tested against a wide range of microbes.

All food-grade sealants used in the construction industry are FDA approved.

Food grade sealants do not contaminate products made for human or animal consumption, such as drinks, food, supplements, medications.

Reliable Industrial caulking contractor on the south shore of Montreal

Sealing industrial buildings is different from sealing residential homes because it usually requires heavier equipment such as scissor lifts and boom lifts.

For our industrial projects, we use the following equipment:

Boom lifts: 50 ft boom lift / 65 ft boom lift

The use of a boom lift in industrial caulking projects is almost always required. The boom lift assists the team in reaching the higher levels safer, faster and easier. It allows the caulkers to focus on their primary expertise: the caulking of durable, commercial-grade airtight joints.

Heavy-duty Vehicles/Vans.

Since caulking industrial and commercial buildings usually require more equipment, supplies and tools (caulking guns, sealants, ladders etc) Calfeutrage Apex has the perfect vehicles for the job. No means are left behind; no time is being wasted. We always arrive prepared and ready for a productive caulking workday.

High-quality, industrial caulking products.

Here at calfeutrage Apex, we use top quality commercial and industrial grade sealants from the following excellent manufacturers:

  • Adfast corp is a manufacturer of various interior and exterior coloured caulking products from the Adseal silicone sealants and adhesives from the Adbond series, polyurethane sealants from the Adthane series. Adfast corp is based in North America with a factory and warehouse in Quebec.
  • DOW: DOWSIL 700 SERIES for industrial structures. Dow manufacturer Adhesive and acrylic, polyurethane, silicone sealants. Dow products are famous worldwide because they are reliable, long-lasting, and bond with a wide range of surfaces, including ceramics, metals, glass and filled plastics.

Click here to learn about the products we use.

Safety equipment.

When working on a construction site, our team works according to the construction codes of safety by wearing helmets, boots, harnesses (when working on high platforms), and face masks when required.

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