The maintenance and replacement of caulking joints is an important part of keeping commercial and industrial buildings watertight. These caulking joints are designed to join two different materials or surfaces, and control wind, water, moisture and debris entry or accumulation.

You can trust Calfeutrage Apex’s expertise for a guaranteed effective door and window caulking of your commercial building on the South Shore of Montreal.


Business owners are well aware that in business, every decision counts and can pay off.

Having your commercial or industrial building caulked by professionals can pay off in many ways:

The health of your clients and employees

Whether you own a spa, a restaurant, an office building or a retirement home, hotel or other business, your commercial or industrial structure has to meet the highest standards of the health department.

If you don’t pay careful attention to the caulking of your property, water infiltration and leakage into your building can lead to rot and the growth of mold.

Mold can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present and can cause various health problems: chronic sinus problems, nosebleeds, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, mold-induced asthma, skin infections, neurological problems and other respiratory issues that could effect your clientele and staff.

It is important that the envelope of your building is maintained and that caulking your doors and windows is a priority should the caulking sealants of your property deteriorate.

The comfort of your clients and employees

Gaps and cracks in the caulking of your windows, doors or the envelope of your building will allow cold or hot air draft to enter inside. This can quickly become a source of discomfort for building occupants. For example, during the winter, a client sitting by a poorly caulked wall or window will feel uncomfortable.

As a business owner or service provider, it is your highest priority to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of your employees and customers. Inspecting the caulking joints by your doors and windows and replacing them as needed is simple, but nonetheless essential to provide a comfortable environment.

The aesthetics of your structure

Caulking your commercial or industrial structure, when done by a professional caulking technician, will also improve the visual appearance of your property.

Old and cracked sealants caulked with an inferior product will change color throughout the years and may appear brown or yellow, giving your windows, doors, bricks and siding a neglected appearance that could scare away customers.

At Calfeutrage Apex, our expertise results in caulking joints that are smooth, flawless and most importantly: invisible. When it comes to caulking, everyone agrees you can really tell the difference between an amateur and a pro. The impeccable appearance of our caulking joints proves that we belong in the latter category!

Energy consumption and electricity bills

Old and expired caulking will increase the financial expenses of any commercial or industrial business, especially in Quebec where the winters can get extremely cold. Cold and hot air drafts entering your building will drive up the cost of your electricity bills. Replacing the caulking will allow you to take advantage of the RénoVert refundable tax credit.

Financial damages

Your commercial property deserves personalized care and expert attention. Don’t let broken, cracked or missing caulking joints and joint system problems persist. Besides fire, nothing causes greater losses than water damage to a property, resulting in costly and time consuming repairs. Your property should have new high-quality caulking sealants that are done by professionals.


Calfeutrage Apex specializes in sealing commercial and industrial buildings. It’s our expertise! We offer a free quote that is detailed with each and every specification concerning your building.

Our team is professional, knowledgeable and highly trained to perform high-quality projects that will restore your structure with the insulation it needs for many years with a 10-year limited warranty. You can learn more about our exceptional product that we use to achieve this.