Professional caulking service in Beloeil

Calfeutrage Apex is company based in the South Shore of Montreal that specializes in caulking residential homes, condominium buildings, multiplexes, commercial and industrial buildings and new constructions in Beloeil.

Caulking is an essential part of your property

Throughout the years, snow, air pollution, extreme hot weather and rain deteriorate the sealants that protect your building from air and water infiltration. As time goes on, caulking joints tend to dry, crack and separate from walls, siding, doors and window frames. If these deteriorated sealants are not replaced in time, serious problems can occur:

Water leaking into your home

Water infiltration through joints can cause rot, decay and mold that can damage your walls, floor and furniture and harm your family’s health.

Increased energy bills

According to Hydro-Quebec, defective caulking can allow 25% of your energy to leak out of your home. This is like leaving your window 5 cm open all winter long!

Insect infestation

Small openings are an invitation for ants and small insects to infest your building.

Inhalation of dangerous fumes 

Caulking prevents carbon dioxide from seeping into the house. Especially those coming from vehicle exhausts.

Why choose the Calfeutrage Apex team in Beloeil?

Caulking is our expertise! Our team has an outstanding experience in caulking all types of windows, doors and surfaces in Beloeil and crafting beautiful caulking joints that are free of air bubbles, holes or wavy bumps (that can often be seen on joints that are  done by un skilled non professional individuals.)

We offer 160 shades of caulking to perfectly match your siding, walls, door and window frames. Our caulking joints are smooth, uniform, even and flawless; our work will improve the looks of your building and refresh the appearance of your doors and window frames.

When is the best time to replace my sealants?

The best time to replace and apply new caulking is from April until the end of December, with spring, summer and fall being ideal for this type of project. Caulking must be applied to a clean, dry surface and excess moisture will not allow perfect adhesion of the seal with the wall.

Another reason why spring, summer and fall are ideal for caulking is because most splits, cracks and gaps on the exterior of a home are at their medium point and they are narrower in the winter. Sealing when cracks are at their mid point minimizes the amount of expansion and contraction that the caulking will have to do.

Free quote for your caulking project in Beloeil

Calfeutrage Apex executes countless projects in Beloeil every year. Our caulking quotes contain all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding which parts of your building need to be caulked. When our appraiser arrives to your Beloeil property, you can pick and choose shades of caulking, ask questions and get informed. After receiving your quote, you can select which items you want to feature in your project.

10-year limited warranty on our caulking services

We are so confident in the sealants we use and our application techniques that we offer a 10-year limited warranty on our caulking work.

Beloeil residents can choose peace of mind and contact Calfeutrage Apex!