The sill is the masonry below the window or at the bottom of your door. It serves as a sill for the windows and allows the rain to drain away from the building. Its role is essential to ensure the water-tightness of your home and avoid problems related to water infiltration.

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Door sill: Work performed by Calfeutrage Apex South Shore Caulking.

Sill joints that are deteriorating  Apex caulking Window sill

Longer sills have at least one mortar joint, which degrades over time due to temperature changes and the natural elements. While degradation of sill mortar joints is normal, it is not desirable. 

When water gets into the cracks in the mortar that binds your window or door sill, it attacks the cement or stone of your sill and finds its way behind the bricks. With the change of seasons, our cold winters, and the extreme temperatures we experience in Quebec, bricks can easily burst, resulting in costly repairs.

Maintaining your home’s window sills

Repairing and maintaining your window sills is a money-saving option.

The first step is always to take the time to observe your sills. You want to check for cracks or signs of deterioration. 

Step One – Preparation

To maintain the finish on your window sills, start by lightly scraping away the cement or stone surrounding the crack and keep the recovered material aside. Next, be sure to remove all dust from the surface of your sills to be repaired. A perfectly clean surface will ensure a longer life for your caulking. 

Step Two – Caulking the Breach

Next, it’s time to apply a quality caulking product to seal the gap you’ve revealed in your sill. Work a generous amount of sealant into the cracks. Spread the excess sealant with a putty knife and remove any overhangs you notice. 

Last step – finishing

Finally, Smooth the Joints for a perfect air-tightness and clean appearance.                                                  

Caulking the sill of a window by Calfeutrage Apex Caulking.

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Prevention rather than cure.

Caulking the joints of your sills is an operation that prevents excessive wear and tear on the mortar. It is a maintenance step for your home that should be performed as soon as weaknesses appear. If you neglect the maintenance of your sills, the cracks could become bigger, attack the structure of the building and require masonry work to redo new sills, replace bricks that have burst, or replace various materials following water infiltration or the appearance of mold.

Modifying concrete window sills with aluminum.

If the architectural style of your building allows it, it may be advisable to cover concrete sills with aluminum after having perfectly sealed the cracks. This is an economical option in the long term since the mortar binding the different parts of the sill will no longer need to be sealed. However, it is important to make sure that the sill is perfectly caulked since it will no longer be possible to check its condition once it has been encapsulated by aluminum. 

Healthy window and door sills.

They may seem to have only a decorative role, but the sills of your home’s windows and doors are important for keeping your house airtight. The angle at which they are installed allows for optimal drainage of rainwater and supports the opening of your windows. Don’t let the wear and tear of time and the changes in our climate crack the mortar of your sills and compromise their effectiveness. Take the time to maintain them or contact a specialist.

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                                                                                     Window sill caulked by Calfeutrage Apex Caulking


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