Calfeutrage Apex specializes in Residential Caulking. A well executed Caulking job will increase the value of your home and reduce long term costs.

A well executed residential caulking job

Calfeutrage Apex specializes in residential caulking properties on the South shore of Montreal. Whether you need to apply new caulking on a newly built house or replace old caulking with a new, you can be rest assured that residential caulking is our expertise. A well executed caulking job will increase the value of your home and reduce long term maintenance costs associated with the following:

Water infiltration | Residential Caulking
Water infiltration

Water damage to a structure can be extremely expensive to repair and bad for your health. Caulking protects your home against water intrusion and the appearance of mold.

Electric bills | Residential Caulking
Electric bills

Reduce your electric bill by sealing holes and gaps in the envelope of your home to prevent cold drafts of air from entering your home.

Insects | Residential Caulking

Prevent the intrusion of insects and rodents.

A Professional Residential Caulking Work

If your house was built more than 15 years ago, chances are your caulking sealant needs to be removed and replaced. Calfeutrage Apex follows all mandatory stages to remove and apply perfect caulking joints (Here is how we work). Our highest priority is to ensure that the envelope of your home is well sealed without compromising the aesthetic look of your doors and windows frames and sidings.

Our Professional caulking work is done to the highest standards of the construction industry and by highly experienced caulking technicians who are trained to apply flawless and smooth caulking joints that will last for years and improve the look of your door and window frames.

Calfeutrage Apex uses commercial grade silicon caulking that:


Repells water off its surface.


Will not change color or fade under UV rays. Whites never turn yellow or gray and blacks remain as dark as the day it was applied.


Resistant to stains and mold growth.


Has a life expectancy of up to 30 years in Quebec weather.


Maintains full flexibility from as low as -40 degrees C to +232 degrees C for days on end. Retains most of its flexibility even at -51 degrees C and as high as +260 degrees C for shorter periods of time.


It offers the nicest finish of any type of caulking when it is tooled by a professional.

Free Quote


Calfeutrage Apex offers a free quote. Our Caulking technician visits the property and takes measurements of the size of joints, the quantity of joints and the type of caulking needing to be removed.

The technician will also assess the accessibility to the structure and whether a boom lift needs to be used (Properties over 30 feet high). A detailed quote will be sent out to our clients via e-mail /fax or mail. To reserve our services, the quote has to be signed and faxed/mailed or emailed back to us.

A Professional Work
A Professional Work
A Professional Work