Calfeutrage Apex is a family owned business which specializes in professional caulking. Residential, Condo, Commercial. A Flawless Application.

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Calfeutrage Apex is a family owned business which specializes in caulking on the South shore of Montreal. Our business offers to seal your property professionally with the best products on the market at competitive prices. Professional Caulking.

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Calfeutrage | Caulking

Caulking doors and windows protect your residence, your business or building from heat loss, moisture intrusion, mold rot, cold drafts or even from insects entering your structure all year round.


Quebec winters can get as cold as -40c and summers can get as hot as 40c; which means that buildings expand and contract and the caulking material used has to be flexible for a proper seal that lasts around your windows and door frames.

Caulking and Sealing

The wearing out of caulking around your structure can be a result of poor caulking material, bad application, pollution, UV exposure or temperature extremes.

We understand the devastating consequences of flawed caulking on your structure and we take every necessary step to ensure that our caulking applications are done precisely and accurately to last for many years with a 10-year warranty. We always remove old caulking before applying the new layer and we make sure that every crack is properly sealed.

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Top quality
For all our products
Calfeutrage Apex is proud to choose Adseal 4580 to seal Residential, commercial and industrial structures.
Our services include:
  • +Window and door caulking
  • +Flashing caulking
  • +Expansion joints
  • +Architectural joints
  • +Air vent outlet joints
  • +Balcony joints
  • +Thermo replacement joints
  • +Condo caulking
  • +Residential caulking
  • +Commercial caulking
  • +Electric outlet joints
  • +Industrial caulking
  • +Free quotes
  • +Indoor caulking
  • +Rv caulking
  • +Precast joints

What is caulking?

A caulking joint bonds together two materials, for example, a window frame to a concrete wall or between two concrete panels, in order to block the movement of water or air through the building envelope.

Professional Caulking

Professional caulking has to be performed to the highest standards and in accordance with the construction industry. The caulking sealant has to be applied on a clean surface; free of dirt, old material, moisture and dust.

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Calfeutrage Apex | CaulkingCalfeutrage Apex | Caulking
Calfeutrage Apex | Caulking