Condo solution: Building caulking on the south shore of Montreal

When living in a condo building, door and window caulking is one of those building maintenance jobs that shouldn’t be forgotten yet, few people think of them. When it comes to costs, caulking is a comparatively small investment with a high return. In this article, we discuss why you must replace your buildings’ caulking periodically. 


Your condo buildings’ envelope has to be well maintained.

The building envelope is generally installed before the buildings’ exterior façade. It helps protect against air and water infiltration while allowing rainwater and harmful moisture to escape the wall through designated openings. 

Experts agree that the parts of a building that are exposed to weather elements such as UV rays, wind, snow and rain are prone to wear-and-tear and could be an entry point for condensation and water intrusion, such as windows and door openings.

Apex caulking of Condo buildings south shore of Montreal

Water damage can be destructive to both the condo building and its co-owners. 

Nothing is more damaging to buildings and their occupants’ property than water infiltration (With the exception of fire). Whether it’s a water leak caused by the upstairs neighbour or a slow seeping leak around the window frames, water produces tremendous amounts of material destruction. It can contribute to the generation of mould and all the possible health risks that come with it.  

Water damage / Calfeutrage Apex

Water damage in condo buildings in Quebec is on the rise.

In recent years, water damage has accounted for most home insurance claims, and condos are no exception. According to Canada’s insurance bureau,” in Quebec, for every dollar paid out in claims, 50 cents goes towards water damage payments”.  


No building is immune to water leaks.

Weather, human error, poor construction and building age can cause a building to develop water leaks. New and old buildings are both susceptible to water damages.


Condo insurance is now less forgiving.

The increase in losses and claims has driven insurers to stiffen the insurance market for condo corporations and subsequently increase both premiums and deductibles.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a recent survey among insurers revealed that 33% of claims were made due to water infiltrations and seepage.  

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One poorly sealed condo can lead to extensive damage to the whole building. 

Co-owners often forget to inspect or replace the buildings’ sealants as they are harder to spot due to the building’s height. However, worn-out sealants can allow rainwater to slowly seep through and cause water damage to more than just one condo unit and/or the common areas. 


Benefits of caulking your building.

  • Caulking is waterproof.

 It seals any exterior openings around your windows, patio doors and doors. Moreover, it seals any gaps and cracks inside your home around your sink, bathtub and shower, as well as in your kitchen and laundry room. It can prevent interior water leaks and exterior water infiltration.


  • Energy efficiency .

Caulking can significantly reduce energy usage and utility bills by sealing gaps that allow air drafts into your condo. If your condo building has common areas, all co-owners can benefit from saving money on energy bills in their units and common areas. 


  • Pest control .

Like water, insects and rodents’ intrusion through gaps and cracks in the sealants or the building’s envelope can spread from one condo to all units. Professionally installed exterior caulking joints are an efficient pest control solution.


  • Increase your building’s value.

 A well-sealed building demonstrates to potential buyers that the building is well maintained. Professional caulking of windows, doors, sidings and outlets also improves the appearance of a building.


  • Relatively small investment and high return!

Invest a relatively small amount that will save your building thousands of dollars in repair bills by waterproofing and air tightening your building.

Caulking condo building before winter Apex caulking

How to prevent water damage in your condo building?

  • Regular caulking inspections.

Annual reviews allow condo owners and the buildings’ board members to catch small maintenance items before they become significant repair costs. 

  • Use a building maintenance log.

 It is better to avoid problems rather than dealing with them. Waterproofing experts suggest keeping a maintenance plan to deal with leaks and repairs before they occur and before they get out of hand. 

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Should the hiring of a caulking company be done collectively or individually? 

Weather element exposures.

  • While it is true that the sealants on the south side of the building may suffer greater deterioration, if one unit’s caulking is breaking, chances are the door and window caulking of other units has to be replaced as well. The building is exposed to the same weather elements.

Savings on collective projects.

  • At calfeutrage Apex, we recommend combining all caulking projects of a building simultaneously, whether the project is paid collectively or individually. If each unit is caulked separately on different occasions, it will most certainly cost more. 


  • The replacement of caulking in a condo building usually requires a boom lift, ladders and/or scaffolding. There are charges such as travelling costs, products, equipment rental, material delivery and more.


  • If done on an individual basis at different times, those costs would add up for each unit owner separately. However, if the caulking is replaced for the entire building by one caulking contractor at the same time, the costs will be lower, saving each unit owner hundreds of dollars.

Apex caulking condo building Chambly

Apex caulking seals condo buildings in Montreal and the south shore of Montreal. 

For a complete and detailed caulking inspection of your building, you can contact Calfeutrage apex Inc. With a professional team led by the talented and skilled Mr. Caulking, Jonathan Malone, we can assure you that your building will be caulked according to the construction industry’s highest standards in Quebec and Canada. 

No caulking joint is overlooked. 

We use the best and most advanced sealants and cutting-edge techniques of caulking and sealing buildings. Our sealant joints are smooth, flawless, sure to compliment your building and the appearance of the condo units & common areas. 

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