Are you a caulker? Do you have a caulking experience? We are hiring professional caulkers to join our team.

Calfeutrage Apex Caulking is a caulking company on the south shore of Montreal. We specialize in caulking residential, commercial, industrial and institutional structures. We work with the highest quality caulking products and accessories and the highest standards of the construction industry.


Apex Caulking is growing/developing. We are currently looking for energetic, ambitious and reliable candidates who want to develop their professional experience and grow within a company. A minimum of 2 years of experience is required in the construction industry OR a minimum of 1 year of experience in the caulking industry to be able to fill the following positions :

Experienced Caulker. 

The starting wage for an experienced caulker is $25-35 per hour depending on the performance, work quality and speed.

Caulking work description:

Removes old caulking from windows, doors, siding, etc., at all levels of a structure and applies new caulking to the structure.

Responsibilities :

-Punctuality is paramount. Our employees must be responsible and punctual by always showing up on time at the job site. Frequent and unmotivated absences and late arrivals are not tolerated.

-Experience working at height on a ladder is required (snd, 3rd level).

-You must be able to work outdoors, exposed to the elements.

-Work at a fast and efficient pace: Whether you work on the third level or the first floor, a fast pace is essential to work in our company.

-Ability to work in a team.

-The CCQ card and other business cards are an asset and will enable you to work on commercial CCQ sites.

-Our employees are responsible for making the return trip between the workplace and the construction site independently.


  • Work in a friendly stress-free family business.
  • Earn competitive pay and advance within the company: We offer a work manager and team leader positions, company vehicle to suitable candidates.
  • Improve your caulking skills, learn from caulking experts advanced caulking techniques.
  • Work with a quality pro caulking gun and high-quality silicone caulk.
  • Learn to craft smooth flawless caulking joints.
  • Work in caulking in a variety of locations in the south shore- without having to be stuck in Montreal traffic, finding parking and having to move your car. Easy access, not as crowded or noisy as working in Montreal.
  • Caulking work on a variety of buildings: We caulk residential, commercial and industrial structure.
  • Work in caulking on the interior and exterior of buildings.
  • Have the option to work during winter if weather permits.

At Apex Caulking, a professional caulking position will provide you with more opportunities for advancement within our organization, such as management positions and additional benefits such as a company vehicle and a higher salary.

At Apex Caulking, you will have the opportunity to learn and/or perfect your caulking skills and grow and advance within the company to eventually fill a position as a team leader, manager, etc. Our team members are treated with respect and honour.

Caulking doors and windows is an important skill that will benefit you in every field in the construction industry. However, even if you have no expertise in caulking but have an artistic side, we will offer you the necessary training to become a professional caulker.  

Entry position: Worker (Ripper).

The starting wage is $20.00 per hour.

0A caulking ripper is a worker that removes old caulking from windows, doors, siding, etc., at all levels of a structure.

Requirements :

  • A construction experience of 2 years or more OR caulking experience of at least 6 months is required.
  • The employee must be able to work in height, high ladder or boom lift.
  • The employee must be able to work outside, exposed to the elements.
  • To work Apex caulking, you must be punctual, persistent and committed.

Learn the art of caulking, earn a profession and a higher salary.

An employee who excels at the entry-level position will be trained and receive adequate instruction to become one:

Junior Caulker. 

A person who learns to caulk works closely and trains with a professional caulker.

***With experience and dedication, Calfeutrage Apex Caulking will train you to become a professional caulker.

*If you are interested in working in the caulking industry, Calfeutrage Apex can help you become a qualified professional caulker.


***To apply for one of our available positions, please send us your resume/work experience by email to

Please include your phone number and the best time to call you.