Did you know that it could cost over $9000 to replace the windows in your home? Windows are the eyes of your house, but when there are a lot to replace, the cost starts to mount.

Old windows can waste energy and allow for water infiltration, leaving a house feeling cold and damp. And with the snowy Montreal winters lasting for months, having a weatherproof house is a must. A much more cost-effective way to do it is by caulking doors and windows, giving them a new lease of life.

What is window caulking? And how does the cost of caulking your home stack up against replacing your windows instead? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Window Caulking?

Caulking around windows is when you seal off gaps and cracks around your window using a waterproof sealant. When thinking of how to protect windows against water infiltration, caulking around exterior windows is vital. Caulking also stops unwanted airflow through windows and frames.

What Caulk to Use

The best caulk for outdoor use would be exterior silicone caulk, which is extremely durable and resistant to water. On the other hand, when caulking around windows inside, you’ll want to use a paintable caulk.

Weatherproof Windows on a Budget

The question is, should you replace your windows, or re-caulk them?

In some cases, your windows will be beyond repair and will need to be replaced. But a lot of the time, it is possible to caulk them instead. The big question is the cost.

It costs an average of $650 to fit a single window in your home. If just a couple of windows need replacing, that could be affordable. But what if more is needed?

Considering there are 10-12 windows in an average small home, the costs can really start to skyrocket.

On the other hand, are you wondering, how much does it cost to re-caulk exterior windows? The cost of replacing the caulking on all doors and windows of a small house can be much lower – as little as between $1000-$1500, in fact. But when thinking about caulking cost, there’s more to it than the price of materials.

DIY Caulking

If you want to apply exterior window caulk yourself, there are a few things to look out for.

You’ll need to search out each broken seal, trim, and sill, and apply the outdoor caulk correctly using the right tools. Poorly applied caulk won’t be effective, can be difficult to remove, and will look a mess. And you won’t want to miss any gaps because it’ll mean water and cold ingress into your home.

Professional Caulking Services

Professional caulking services are the best option for how to protect your windows against the cold, on a budget. A caulking specialist knows exactly what to look for and where.

They’ll have the right tools and technique, so they can get your windows weatherproof again in no time. The cost to re-caulk exterior windows is far more manageable than replacing entire windows, and will save you money year in, year out.

Window Caulking Vs. Window Replacement

When it comes to caulking on the south shore of Montreal, your windows have to work hard against the weather all year round. The hot summers cause window seals to swell and grow, whereas in the cold weather they’ll contract. After a few years of this cycle, window seals can easily become brittle and crack.

Rising inflation means the cost of doors and windows are on the rise as well. Don’t replace your windows every few years! Instead, hiring professionals to do your window caulking will get the job done on time and within budget.

Do you want to seal up your home, make it more weatherproof and energy-efficient, while beating inflation? Then contact us for a free quote today.