Caulking can be a complex task as it requires time, expertise and quality products.

Your home’s sealants have to be replaced every 5-10 years since the structure’s movement, and the weather elements deteriorate the sealants, causing them to peel, crack and loosen. “Since the sealing protects the building against water, air and insect infiltration, it must be done correctly to avoid costly damages,” says Jonathan Malone, also known as Mr.caulking and the owner of Calfeutrage Apex from Saint Jean Sur Richelieu.

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a caulking company in the south shore to replace your sealants is better than doing it yourself:


1. A caulking company on the south shore will improve the appearance of your home or business.

Using a caulking gun requires practice and technique, so you can easily see the difference between the work of an amateur and an expert. A professional caulker will apply straight and smooth sealant joints that are bubble and bump-free and use the tooling technique to smooth, style and seal the joints.

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Flawless caulking joint, calfeutrage Apex
Colour matching the sealant to the sidings.

2. Match the best caulking type for each type of surface and structure.

An estimate done by a professional caulking service company on the south shore of Montreal will include an analysis of the surface material and the best type of caulking to be applied to each surface. Experts will use high-quality sealants for each type of project: Commercial, industrial and residential caulking. When caulking industrial buildings, experts will use industrial-grade or food-grade sealants.

3. Seal every gap and crack on the building’s envelope.

It is a mistake to assume that only doors and windows must be sealed. In fact, many elements must be caulked to prevent water, cold air drafts, insects and rodents’ intrusion:

Siding joints,

exterior lights,

electric outlets,

water faucets,

balcony joints,

roof joints,

expansion joints,


architectural joints,

window sill joints,

corners and any other gaps between materials and surfaces in your building envelope.

4. A professional caulker will know what MUST NOT be sealed.

One of the most common mistakes is sealing the metal head flashing on top of a window. The head flashing directs water away from the building. If mistakingly sealed, it can cause serious water damage to a building. A Caulking expert will know which building elements must not be sealed to allow water to exit the structure. Residential and commercial caulking to the highest standards in the construction industry.

caulking errors done by unproffessional caulkers

5. Residential and commercial caulking to the highest standards in the construction industry

A professional caulking company on the South Shore will follow the appropriate steps to replace the sealant: remove the old sealant, clean all surfaces and apply the sealant and finish.
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6. And don’t forget about the guaranty.

Calfeutrage Apex inc is a contractor specialized in exterior and interior caulking (bathroom, kitchen, fire sealant, laboratories, decorative, etc.) We offer a 10-year limited warranty for buildings’ waterproofing: residential, commercial, industrial and condominium.

We serve Saint Hubert, Brossard, Longueuil, La Prairie, Bromont, Granby and 33 other cities on the south shore of Montreal.


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