Window caulking during winter, here is what you need to know.

Cold air drafts may indicate that your door or window caulking joints are due for replacement.

As winter gets closer and the temperatures outside start to drop, you may feel the autumn cold air drafts entering through your windows or doors. Air leaks may be a sign that your door or window caulking is deteriorated or cracked and needs to be replaced.

Is it possible to caulk your home during the winter?

The best way to stop cold air from entering through your window is to seal your window. Some sealants can not be applied at cold or freezing temperatures, as they freeze or do not stick to the surfaces.

However, The waterproofing industry has been going through a huge technological advancement in recent years. Top-quality sealants are manufactured to endure and be applied in extremely cold or hot weather (-20C to 40C). As a result, caulking services can be offered all year round.

Caulking before or during winter is possible and recommended if the sealants around your home are deteriorating. There is no need to feel uncomfortable in your home when the solution is so simple.

The sealant application is not affected by cold weather- It is affected by wet weather.

While Silicon-based caulk can be applied in icy weather without freezing or unsticking, it can not be applied on wet or moist surfaces. Caulking loses its adhering properties when applied to extremely wet surfaces. Therefore, sealing a home can be done all year round except for on snow or rainy days. In winter, snowfall does not happen every day, and therefore, caulking commercial, residential and industrial buildings are possible.

At calfeutrage Apex, we caulk residential and commercial buildings during winter, when it doesn’t rain or snow heavily.

Advantages of caulking homes in winter.

By caulking windows and doors during winter, you will be able to enjoy cozy evenings by your window without feeling cold.

Besides, if your sealants are faulty, it’s better to replace them as soon as possible to avoid water infiltration. Water infiltration is often discovered during spring, as the snow is starting to melt and water seeps through gaps and cracks. By the time the infiltration is discovered, the damage to the structure could be extensive.

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Replacing your sealants can lower your heating bills.

If cold air enters your home, it may affect your family’s comfort and, of course, your energy bills. Regular seepage of cold air into your home will cause your heater to work overtime and increase your energy bills by 25%, According to hydro.

In the summer, your air conditioner may work overtime to cool your home if warm air and humidity infiltrate your home. A real home improvement starts with making your home energy efficient by preventing heat loss.

Tools we use to seal windows and doors in Winter: SILICON-BASED SEALANT

The best product to use during winter is silicon-based caulking. Silicone caulk is waterproof, extremely flexible, does not freeze in cold temperatures and can be applied at -20 c to -29C. Professional caulking companies will seal your home during winter with high-quality products. Commercial grade quality sealant can maintain its flexibility and durability through extreme hot, humid and icy cold temperatures.

Heat Gun

During winter, our caulking team uses heat guns that are used before the exterior caulking application. The heat gun dries the surface and eliminates all moisture if present.

Caulking gun

Using heavy-duty professional applicator that distributes the sealant faster and better than DIY applicators.

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How can I know if my sealants are due for replacement?

Take a walk around your residential or commercial building. Start by checking the sealants around your window frames and door frames, sidings, roof joints, air exits. If you notice that your sealant joints:

  • Are craked
  • Have holes
  • Are loosen
  • Falling apart
  • Missing.

It may be time to replace your sealant.

If your home is losing heat, you may notice spider webs on the exterior corners of your windows and doors. Spiders build their webs in warm and dry places.

Cool air drafts in your home indicate the presence of holes and gaps in your walls. Find the exact places in which air goes through by holding a burning candle and watch for the flame’s movement.

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