The LogisVert program for caulking windows, doors, and openings around your home is now available!

Air drafts through the openings around your doors and windows account for 25% of your home’s heat loss. With rising prices all around Quebec, the LogisVert program allows homeowners to save money twice: Save money on caulking your home’s windows, doors, and joints and receive up to $1500 in financial aid!

What is LogisVert?

LogisVert is a program that encourages homeowners in Quebec to improve their homes’ energy efficiency by choosing heating and cooling as well as home insulation solutions. For example, energy-efficient heat pumps, induction cookers, and heat pump dryers use 20%-60% less energy. In addition, caulking can prevent heat loss and thus improve energy efficiency and prevent heat and cooling loss.

How can you benefit from this program?

  • If you are a homeowner located in Quebec and your home is powered by Hydro Quebec.
  • Eligible dwellings such as: private homes, condominiums, multiplexes, residential buildings with 19 units or less, or apartment buildings with 20 units or more. CALFEUTRAGE BROSSARD

Caulking your condo building in Montreal and the South Shore with LogisVert and Calfeutrage Apex!

Calfeutrage Apex is a specialized caulking contractor for condo buildings and apartment buildings across Montreal and the South Shore of Montreal. While the LogisVert program is an excellent incentive for replacing the caulking of your building or home, you and co-owners will benefit from many other solutions that door and window caulking offer, in addition to saving on energy costs:

  1. Caulking can help prevent water infiltration through openings around doors, windows, cracks, and gaps in your building’s envelope. Water infiltration can affect the integrity of construction materials and lead to health problems associated with mold and rot. Water infiltration is costly to repair, with the smallest leak ranging between $3000-$10,000 or more in only one condo, while it makes its way into other condos beneath it. At Calfeutrage Apex, we can help identify the source of the leak, whether it is originating from faulty joints or missing joints.

Often enough, the failure of one old caulking joint can signal to building co-owners that other caulking joints may follow soon enough. Calfeutrage Apex has advanced equipment that allows our team to work at heights and with surfaces to properly replace your caulking with Dowsil commercial-grade caulking that can last for 10-30 years. 

  1. Door and window caulking, as well as caulking of other openings around your building, and your patio door, can prevent the intrusion of insects and rodents. As the weather gets cold, insects and rodents search for heat. In hot summer days, ants search for a cool space and a source of water or food. Caulking is always used with an extermination treatment to prevent rodents and insects from re-entering your condo or home.
  1. Back to LogisVert! Energy efficiency should be taken seriously as prices of goods around Canada are rising constantly. A cold draft near your window is a sign that your home is losing its heat, and you are losing money. If you choose a professional caulking company that specializes in caulking services, such as Calfeutrage Apex, you can enjoy the benefits of your new caulking for the next 10-20 years. Calfeutrage Apex uses Dowsil (made in the USA) and ADSEAL (made in Quebec), commercial-grade silicone-based sealants to seal the openings around your condo building or private home. With the LogisVert program, the significant financial aid allows you to benefit from an essential improvement at a much lower price.

To apply for the LogisVert program and receive financial aid, the following information must be indicated:

Invoice number and date;

Installation date;

Name of the client;

Address for carrying out caulking work;

Company Name;

RBQ license number of the company that carried out the caulking work;

GST and QST numbers;

Description of caulking work;

Cost of work.

Calfeutrage Apex will provide you with a detailed caulking price quote that includes our detailed guarantee as well as a detailed invoice, presenting our RBQ number and all the information required for the application.

How else can you benefit from the services of Calfeutrage Apex with the LogisVert program?

By selecting Calfeutrage Apex under the LogisVert program, you gain:

  • Top-tier professional caulking services for doors, siding, masonry, and windows, delivered by a skilled, experienced, and certified team with full insurance coverage.
  • State-of-the-art equipment that enables us to access every joint at any height, regardless of your property’s size—whether it’s a private home or a condo building. From compact boom lifts to advanced aerial platforms, we have the tools for every job.
  • Unrivaled color matching capabilities: With a palette of 160 shades, we ensure that your caulking seamlessly blends with each surface, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Impeccable caulking for doors and windows: Our craftsmanship results in flawlessly smooth, straight caulking joints that elevate the appearance of your windows, doors, and siding to new heights.

Door and window caulking are essential components, but they’re not the only requirements under the LogisVert program.

While many prioritize door and window caulking services, it’s crucial to recognize that every opening must be properly sealed to meet the criteria of the LogisVert eligible work program. To qualify for LogisVert financial aid, the caulking work scope must encompass:

  • Window caulking
  • Exterior door caulking
  • Caulking of patio doors
  • Sealing the access hatch to the vacuum under the roof and ceiling lights
  • Draft fans and air exits caulking
  • Caulking of exterior electrical outlets

For a free caulking quote, contact Calfeutrage Apex.