Caulking of windows and thermal windows joints on the south shore of Montreal

Did you know that high-performance thermal silicone sealant can reinforce the caulking on your windows? In this article, we explain everything about the methods of caulking with a thermal-seal.

Window caulking and water infiltration

Caulking your windows is essential for your comfort, for your home’s insulation and for reducing your energy consumption.

  • However, water infiltration is relatively frequent; it is the result of poorly caulked windows. When water penetrates a house, it damages the walls, floors, and furniture.
  • Examine your windows carefully. If they are in good condition, the sealant or exterior silicone is probably the cause. If it’s too old, too dry, has holes or cracks, it’s time to replace it.
  • We recommend that you call in a caulking expert who will install professional-quality, UV-resistant exterior sealants. You will be assured of an effective and long-lasting result.

thermo-vitre / calfeutrage Apex

What is a thermal glass seal?

To caulk your windows and door’s Thermal joints, you need high-performance sealants. What is a Thermal joint? It is the joint between the window glass and the structure window frame.

While a standard caulking joint is typically applied between the window frame and the wall of your home or building, the thermal glass joint is instead applied between the door or window glass and the frame of the window structure.

Our specialists do not replace windows; they intervene when the thermal sealant joint is deteriorated and needs to be replaced.

How do we change the window thermal sealant joints?

Changing the caulking is a 4-step process.

  • The damaged sealant is delicately removed from the glass surface. If the old sealant happens to be of the polyurethane variety, the removal process can become notably more intricate and time-consuming.
  • Waste is removed.
  • All surfaces are cleaned with a solvent.
  • New window caulking is applied. Its colour will match the colour of your building or window frame.
  • The joint is shaped, adjusted and smoothed for a perfect seal and an impeccable finish.

To prevent air and water infiltration, we must ensure that caulking is applied to every open joint of your window.

The specialists at Apex Caulking, experts in window caulking on Montreal’s South Shore, explain the four must-haves:

  • The caulking has to be installed around the window frame.
  • Caulking is installed along the window sill (if present).
  • The thermopane joints are sealed.
  • The caulking is placed under the window flashing.

Once these four actions have been performed, the window is effectively sealed.

Why is it important to caulk the joints of a thermopane?

The thermal sealant joints must be perfectly caulked to prevent moisture and water from entering your home and heated or air-conditioned air from escaping. Otherwise, mould can grow, and your windows and masonry can be damaged.

Replacing window sealant joints also reduces the amount of fogging and humidity between the two panes of the window glass.

It is a low-cost technical solution to improve the comfort and durability of your home.

For the caulking of your windows and doors on the south shore of Montreal, contact us! Apex Caulking’s specialists will work in your home and commercial premises. Call us and receive your free quote!