Nowadays there is a wide variety of sealants available, but before choosing, you should ask yourself: what is a sealant? What is the purpose of a sealant?

Calfeutrage Apex rive sudThe professional team at Apex Caulking explains it in this article; a sealant is an elastic caulking product that bonds two materials together. For example, a sealant can join a window frame to a concrete wall, seal the gap between two concrete panels, or the gap between your front door and the siding of your condominium.

The sealant prevents water or air infiltration through the building envelope. It ensures the best possible airtightness, prevents cold air from entering your property in winter, or heat from finding its way inside during heat waves. It is also the exterior sealant that prevents insects from making their nests in your frame. Door and window sealant provides adequate protection from the outside elements if it is of high quality, especially if it is applied by professionals like the specialists at Apex Caulking located on the South Shore. Want to learn more about caulking products? Read this article we wrote earlier.

A caulking contractor who thinks like you! 

Apex Caulking is a caulking contractor on the South Shore of Montreal. We choose durable sealants that don’t need to be changed for at least ten years. We think of you in the choice of sealant and the quality of the sealant application so that you won’t need our services for a decade. Our caulking products are guaranteed for ten years but have the potential to last even longer (20-30 YEARS). 

Apex Caulking services are available on the South Shore to commercial building owners, residential building owners, condominium associations, and industrial building owners. In all cases, Apex Caulking uses quality sealant and state-of-the-art techniques to apply the sealant to your doors and windows. 

Understanding your exterior sealing options

While there are many quality sealants available in the South Shore caulking market, Apex Caulking prefers to use silicone sealants for professional work. Discover the quality sealants used by our caulking experts:


The Adseal 4580 series is a silicone sealant that offers constant flexibility, regardless of temperature variations. It will never melt in our heat waves and it will not crack in our coldest weather. Moreover, UV rays from the sun will not deteriorate this quality sealant. It is a silicone sealant adapted to the climate of the South Shore of Montreal. 


Adseal 4580 silicone sealant can be used for exterior caulking of doors and windows of all types of buildings, but also for certain interior uses. It is an easy sealant to apply by professionals. It has a thicker consistency than other types of silicone sealants, so it is easier to spread perfectly. Adseal 4580 smells better than other silicone sealants. It is resistant to water, stains, and mildew and is easy to clean. In addition, Adseal 4580 silicone sealant will not change color over time. 

The many colors offered for Adseal 4580 more than make up for the fact that it is a silicone sealant that cannot be painted. Their color offering ensures that you will find the right one to match your exterior door and window caulking. 



The Adseal 4600 series is an even more flexible silicone sealant than the Adseal 4580. It is twice as flexible, allowing it to react better to temperature variations. 


It is ideal for exterior caulking of doors and windows and is an interior sealant for private homes as well as commercial and industrial applications. It takes a little longer to dry than ADSEAL 4580, but it also offers a nice silicone quality and enviable durability. 


ADSEAL 4600 and 4580 series sealants are only available to contractors and are sold in bulk. Apex Caulking is proud to caulk with these quality silicone sealants.




DOWSIL CALFEUTRAGE APEXDowsil CCS (Contractor Concrete Sealant) is a 100% silicone exterior sealant that offers neutral curing and excellent strength. It is an ideal sealant for caulking joints in precast concrete panels, sealing doors and windows to precast concrete panels and many other uses. This silicone sealant is used for combinations between concrete, masonry, stone, ceramic, polished steel, and aluminum.

Dowsil CCS Exterior Sealant is available in eleven standard colors to match your existing caulking products. 


DOWSIL CWS CALFEUTRAGE APEXDowsil CWS (Contractor Weatherproof Sealant) is a no-primer exterior sealant that can be applied to most surfaces, porous or non-porous. It is a high-performance, neutral curing, medium-strength sealant. This sealant has been specifically designed to seal dynamic movement joints due to its high recovery capability.

Dowsil CWS is available in 20 standard colors, 19 special order colors, and with the option of custom color development. 


DOWSIL 785 CALFEUTRAGE APEXDowsil 786 sealant is specially designed for sanitary applications. It is an ideal caulking product for grouting ceramic tiles, for the perimeter around showers, tubs and rimless sinks. This sealant contains an antimicrobial agent that makes it effective against a variety of microbes.

Dowsil 786 is a cured silicone that resists mold and mildew, remains flexible, resists staining, and does not change color. Even after years of use, Dowsil 786 retains its original properties.

Silicone sealant at Apex Caulking

South Shore caulking experts choose to use primarily silicone sealants for their high quality, flexibility, resistance to mildew, and adaptability to our climate. Each of the sealants used is best suited to the surfaces being caulked. Learn here how to proceed with caulking work with silicone sealant. But before you consider caulking your Montreal South Shore home yourself, check out our expertise and call us so we can evaluate the work to be done on your property. 

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