Did you know that unproperly sealed windows and doors can account for 25% of the heat loss of your home?

When it comes to do home maintance around the house, we often look at the obvious: we check the batteries of our smoke alarms, do some touch-up paint work and clean out the gutters. But there is one very important item that should be on every home repair checklist: the caulking on your exterior windows and doors. 

Depending on certain weather conditions and other factors, the exterior caulking on your home needs to verified every two years for touch-ups or caulking replacement. But, just how much does it cost to re-caulk exterior windows and doors?

Read on to find out more about the importance of re-caulking and how much it costs to caulk a house. 

What Is Re-Caulking?

Caulking is a type of material that is used as sealant or filler to fill the gaps between joints and seams of windows, doors, and even other structures, pipes etc.

Re-caulking is the work done to replace old caulking with newer caulking, which should is done as an important part of home upkeep. It’s an important process for maximizing our home’s energy efficiency, to prevent air and water leaks and for keeping out rodents and insects.

There are different types of caulking with various uses: interior, exterior, in extra-humid rooms and even for use against specific masonry such as brick, stucco or other home construction materials. 

Re-caulking is essential, even when considering the average cost of caulking windows and doors

Why Do We Need to Re-Caulk Our Doors and Windows?

Door and window caulking replacement price aside for the moment, there are important reasons why re-caulking our exterior doors and windows is a necessary part of the upkeep of a home. Without caulking or with old, crumbling caulking around windows, your home is at risk to the elements. If the caulking is not inspected or replaced every few years, this could cause extensive and expensive damage over time.

There is a cost to caulk exterior windows and doors, but it’s well worth it. Here are some of the reasons re-caulking our doors and windows is important.  

Water infiltration: When water begins to leak through windows and doors, there is likely an explanation: your caulking is insufficient and needs replacing. Water can seep through windows, doors and other outdoor openings if the caulking is old or worn out. These water leaks can lead to mildew and mold issues and water damage. If not corrected, little leaks can eventually turn into major water damage. 

Reduced energy efficiency: When you don’t replace the caulking on your windows and doors, this affects the thermal envelope of your home. A thermal envelope is made up of the structures that separate the air from inside your home from the air on the outside. 

If the doors and windows are not properly sealed, this leads to heat escaping in the winter and air-conditionned air escaping in the summer. All of these lead to reduced energy efficiency and an increase in your energy bills, something nobody wants. 

There is a simple test you can perform to detect any places where air may be escaping from your home. 

To check for air leaks from doors, windows or chimneys, all you need is a candle. Turn off any fans or air filtration that may affect the result, light the candle and hold it up to any spaces where air might leak. If the smoke or flame of the candle flickers excessively or extinguishes, you likely have a leak. 

Aesthetic appeal of your home: There are not many things more unsightly than crumbling caulk on windows. Re-caulking is an easy fix that can instantly improve the look of a home, and when applied correctly, can last for years. Repacing old caulk with new caulk can make a difference between a well-maintained home and a dishevelled one. 

Keep out rodents and insects: No one wants any pests in their home but those annoying creatures can enter through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Re-caulking is a good way to prevent these intrusions and it doesn’t have to be re-applied every year, unlike certain pesticides. 

The price to caulk windows and doors should be considered, but re-caulking is an essential part of home maintenance that saves you money in the long run. 

How Much Does It Cost to Re-Caulk Exterior Windows and Doors?

he pricing of re-caulking is determined by a variety of factors. Most companies will provide a cost per linear foot. Measuring the linear footage of a home involves accurately measuring the perimeter of each door and window that needs caulking.

On average, the price to re-caulk a home is approximately $3 – 6$ per linear foot. For a medium-sized home, this usually adds up to anywhere between $900 to $2,700. This is an average price, and there are several things that will be factored in before an accurate price can be given. 

The Size of the Project

The average cost of caulking windows and doors will depend on the total area and number of windows that need to be re-caulked. A large, three-story home will cost more than a smaller home because of the difference in the cost of materials, labour etc. The number of windows and doors to be re-caulked will also play a factor in the total cost.

Type of Caulking: How Much Does It Cost to Caulk?

How much does window caulking cost? How much does it cost to replace caulk? The answer to both of these questions is that different types of caulking are needed for different purposes.

Some of the different types of caulk are latex, acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane, among others, and each of them has a different price The re-caulking company will be able to determine which one is best for different areas of your home depending on various factors:

  • The areas that need to be re-caulked
  • The size of joints to be re-caulked
  • The precise openings and masonry around it (brick, stucco, etc.)
  • How large the cracks are that need filling
  • Vulnerability to harsh weather
  • How quickly the area needs to dry
  • Interior or exterior needs

Labor Costs

Of course, for an accurate cost of re-caulking your windows and doors, labor costs will have to be factored in. Hiring a professional will cost more than doing it yourself, of course.

The cost of labor when it comes to re-caulking your doors and windows is usually included in any price estimate from a contractor. When comparing different contractors, the costs may vary only slightly but the real difference will come with the quality of the work. If the prices of one contractor are substantially more costly or substantially less costly than another, it’s probably worth asking a few more questions as to why this is. 

Accessibility to Windows and Doors

Usually, contractors doing re-caulking work are able to access most doors and windows without an issue. However, there are some cases when extra equipment may be required. You would be informed of this if you received a detailed estimate. 

Consider Getting an Estimate

How much does it cost to caulk? Companies can give you the best quote when they visit your property. It gives the caulking specialist a chance to accurately measure the linear footage necessary to provide a detailed quote. They also take the opportunity to evaluate the condition of the existing caulking and to pinpoint any issues or concerns. This would also be a good time to speak with potential clients and answer any questions they may have. 

When a contractor receives an estimate request, the company will contact you to set up an appointment. The inspector will arrive at your property, and do a full assessment of your home’s caulking needs. He may also run a few tests to determine air loss from your home. 

Once the caulking expert finishes up the evaluation, he will be able to give an accurate estimate for the work needed. If the estimate is approved by you, the client, the contractor will schedule the re-caulking work. 

It’s important to be aware that caulking contractors are busy in the warmer summer months. If you need work done, it’s important to get a quote early in the season to make sure you the work is done in a timely matter! 

When Considering Different Contractors

How much it costs to caulk a house might differ slightly between companies. Keep in mind that when searching for the company to complete all your re-caulking needs, make sure they are:

  • Properly licenced
  • Insure they work with liability and damage insurance
  • Use up-to-date materials and caulking tools
  • Have good reviews and testimonials

How to Save Money on Re-Caulking

The most obvious way to save money on re-caulking is to take on the job yourself. Re-caulking can be time-consuming, so allow yourself ample time to do the job well and with the attention to detail required. Here are some things to keep in mind when re-caulking your home:

Use a proper caulking gun: make sure your caulking gun has a thumb release so you can control the amount of caulking that comes out. Cheaper caulking guns often ooze excessively, creating the unattractive bumps you want to avoid. 

Old caulking off, new caulking on: Scrape the old caulking off first, and make sure the area is clean and dust-free before applying a new layer. 

Purchase the right caulking: Different types of caulking are needed for different purposes and surfaces. Make sure you do your research and purchase the correct caulking for your needs. 

Use both hands: When applying caulking, make sure to use both of your hands to keep the caulking gun steady. If you don’t your caulking runs will be wobbly and uneven. 

Fill large spaces with other fillers: Don’t use caulking to fill large caps. Research to see if a foam or other filler needs to be added before adding the caulking. 

Reasons to Hire the Caulking Professionals

Caulking specialists have the experience, expertise and access to the best tools and materials needed for the job. Here are some of the reasons you to hire a professional for you to re-caulk your home:

  • Guaranteed beautifully sealed joints and seams
  • Can match the right caulking to the right surface and structure
  • All the tools needed to smooth and seal the joints
  • Special attention given to all cracks and openings (not just windows and doors) such as exterior lights and electrical outlets, water faucets etc.
  • Expertise in rodent and insect control as well
  • They know what to seal, and what not to seal (some structures must be avoided)
  • Guaranteed work covered by a warranty
  • Will follow prototol to the highest standards
  • Caulking installed correctly lasts a long time


How Often Should I Get My Windows Re-Caulked?

Your window and door sealants should be inspected every two years and replaced every five years. If not, you will lose valuable home energy caused by the gaps around your window and doors. This will lead to drafty home conditions and higher energy bills. 

Is There a Season That Is Best for Re-Caulking?

Re-caulking can be done in the spring, summer and fall. This is because if the temperature falls to below 5°C (41°F), the caulking is more difficult to apply and may not adhere well. Additionally, there cannot be any risk of precipitation when the work is done, as re-caulking requires dry conditions. Caulking specialists prefer the warmer weather months as there is less risk of snow or rain that may affect the quality of their work. 

Are There Signs That You Need Your Caulking Replaced?

If the caulking is coming off of any of the exterior windows and doors of your property, as well as any flaking or crumbling, it’s a sign that it’s time for an inpection and replacement of your caulking. If there are drafts or other air flow concerns, this also is a sign that your caulking needs replacement. Delaying any repair can lead to leaks, air loss and heat and cooling loss.  

How Much Does It Cost to Re-Caulk a House?

As you’ve seen in our handy caulking price guide above, there are many factors to the cost of re-caulking your home. It’s never too late to take control of your home’s energy and get those pesky cracks and crevices sealed. Every homeowner wants an energy-efficient and good-looking home. 

How much does it cost to re-caulk exterior windows and doors? Well, the price is a small one when you consider the benefits of re-caulking. For additional information or to set up an inspection, contact the professionals at Calfeutrage Apex, your South Shore door and window caulking specialists: 438-288-0338