Firestop Caulk and sealants in the South Shore of Montreal

Passive Fire stopping systems play an important role in protecting commercial, industrial, residential or institutional buildings: They can slow down or stop fire progression within a building and save lives. Calfeutrage Apex is one of the leading fire caulking companies on the south shore, and in this article, we will cover everything you need. We should know about firestopping sealants and their role within a firestopping system. 

What is a firestop caulk:

Firestopping caulk and sealants are sealing materials that resist the spread of fire and are installed in horizontal and vertical fire resistance walls, floors, and ceilings.

The use of firestopping sealants (also referred to as fire mastic sealant).

Firestopping sealants and caulk are designed to impede and/or prevent the spread of smoke, flames, and toxic fumes through gaps, holes, joints, and small openings in a building’s horizontal and vertical penetrations within fire resistance walls and floors. 

Compartmentalization – Passive fire protection

The choice of materials contained in the structure, as well as the type of structure constructed, can have an impact on the speed a fire spreads within a building.

By designing a building separated by fire-resistant walls and floors-Compartmentalization, protection is set against fire before it breaks out and is called passive fire protection. By compartmentalizing the building, you’re slowing the spread of smoke and fire through barriers.

Why are firestopping sealants necessary?

For the barriers (Barriers: such as walls, partitions and floors, that separate building spaces) to be effective, doors, windows, pipes, electrical channels, ducts, etc, must be fire resistant as well as any openings, holes, gaps and other small penetrations. 

 It can take seconds for a fire to spread through a hole as small as a pen nib, and therefore, it is crucial to install firestopping caulks to seal every opening.

If the fire is contained within a compartment:

  • People can evacuate the building safely.
  • The spread of flames once a fire begins will be limited or delayed.
  • The risk of loss of property is Minimized.
  • The tenants located in different parts of the building may be protected.
  • It helps the efforts of extinguishing the fire.
  • Fire department personnel may enter the building in time.


What are fire doors?

Calfeutrage Apex firestopping doorA fire door or firestopping rated door helps to stop or delay the spread of flames and smoke within separate compartments of a structure. A fire door joint is the joint between the fire door and the fire resistance wall, and it is usually sealed with a firestopping sealant.

Who can install firestopping sealants?

The installer of a fire door seal has to be an individual that was trained and qualified by the firestopping sealants manufacturer and was provided with proper training to install fire door seals by the manufacturer’s requirements. Calfeutrage Apex Inc has trained team members that install firestopping caulk in all types of structures in the South Shore.


Installation of commercial Firestopping caulk

Firestopping sealants are designed to seal small openings, and each firestopping sealant product has its rating that indicates in which wall and floor assembly it can be applied. For example, some sealants can be used with wall and floor assemblies, rated up to 4 hours.

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Installing the firestopping caulk.

-The installation of firestopping caulk must be done following CAN/ULC-S115 standards

– The installation of firestopping caulk must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the caulking product

– All holes and penetrations must be sealed against air and water intrusion

– Consult and communicate with the engineer, project manager, or the firestopping door manufacturer

The firestopping products we use:

Hilti firestopping manufacturer

 Calfeutrage Apex is using Hilti firestopping sealants and products.

 Hilti is amongst the leading firestopping manufacturers and product suppliers in Canada, the USA, and the world. Hilti is an innovator in the fire block   caulk industry, and they have set the highest standards for quality fire sealants and caulks. 


Installation of firestopping caulk in the south shore of Montreal

Calfeutrage Apex is a commercial caulking company on the south shore that installs industrial caulks and seals and waterproofing sealants. We specialize in:  

Experienced Caulkers.

We have a team that is experienced with the installation of firestopping caulking on Montreal’s South Shore. Our team members have knowledge, training and experience with all rates of firestopping sealants as well as professionally tooling silicon-based and acrylic based sealants. We work closely with engineers, architects, and project managers to ensure flawless execution of firestopping material applications. 

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Quebec standards for the installation of firestopping joints.

The régie du bâtiment du québec published a guide for the installation of fire stopping dampers, called: Les registres coupe-feu ( )

This guide sets the standards by which the firestopping walls, floors, ceilings, and openings should be installed. 


Ultimately, whether you are a general contractor, an architect, a commercial or industrial property owner, a tenant, an employee, etc., understanding the importance of fire protection within a building is a must. Fire protection (both active and passive ) can save lives, investments and properties.

Caulking expert.

The inspection of the fire protection system is crucial during and after installation to ensure that the installation was done correctly according to the Regie du batiment du Quebec’s highest standards. Choose your professional caulking contractor wisely. When interviewing commercial caulking contractors, don’t hesitate to inquire about their experience with firestopping sealants.

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