What caulk do professionals use?

Professional caulking contractors usually use commercial grade sealants that are extremely durable and can withstand movement and extreme weather conditions. At Calfeutrage Apex, we select the highest and best quality products for our customers, and one of the products that we use often is Dowsil Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant.

DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant has a 25%-40% movement capability. This unprecedented, weather-resistant formulation adheres to concrete, masonry, stone and EIFS, as well as glass and metal substrates, including painted aluminum.

Made in Chicago, USA, the CWS delivers resilient, flexible, watertight joints and offers exceptional adhesion to most surfaces. The DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant was developed explicitly for sealing dynamically moving joints.


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A high-temperature silicone sealant: CWS has an incredible temperature range of caulking applications and flexibility consistency. It will never melt during the hottest days, nor will it stiffen and rupture even during the worst polar vortex, never peeling, splitting or cracking.

DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant performs exceptionally well while being exposed to the sun and UV rays. Compared to other sealants that may form bubbles and holes in the summer heat, CWS remains in its prime under high weather conditions.


DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant maintains complete flexibility from as low -29 to 49°C (-20 to 120°F) and can be applied to dry surfaces throughout the typical Canadian winter. 



  • Continually moving joints such as expansion and control joints.
  • Caulking the joints of doors, windows, siding joints and more.
  • Panels and frames
  • EIFS, bedding of mullions.

Calfeutrage Apex Note: DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant is one of the best sealants in the world. At Calfeutrage Apex, we prioritize high-end quality, appearance and results that are easier to achieve due to the superior quality of this sealant. The tooling and shaping of the CWS material are significantly easier and faster due to its unique texture.


  • DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant is a waterproof silicone sealant. 


  • DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant is immune to stains, it doesn’t change colour and maintains its appearance for many years. 


  • DOWSIL™ Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant is easy to clean.


  • Adhesion toAlodine Aluminum, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Brickwork, Ceramic Tiles, Concrete, Enamelled and Reflective Glass, Extruded Mill Finish, Fluorocarbon Coated Aluminum, Glass, Granite, Heat Strengthened Glass, Light-Weight Stone Panels, Limestone, Low E Coated Glass, Marble, Masonry, Metal, Metal Panels, Paint, Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum/Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel, Stone, Vinyl/PVC-U, Wood

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  • AppearanceOpaque
  • ChemistryNeutral
  • Durometer – Shore A20 to 30
  • MovementMedium
  • Movement Capability-40 to 40 %
  • Peel Strength20 to 28 PPI
  • Resistance TypeUV, Water, Weathering
  • SubstratePorous
  • Tensile Strength180 psi
  • Volatile Organic Content35 g/liter



  • Primerless AdhesionPrimerless

Processing-Formulating Benefits



  • Cure System1-Part Cure
  • Room Temperature Cure – Hours168 to 336 Hours
  • Tack-free Time (50% RH)360 Minutes
  • Where UsedJob Site 

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