The front door of your home is the main access to your home. It is also an opening for cold air, water infiltration, and insects. Your exterior doors must be well insulated to protect your home from the outside elements. Caulking seals the gap between the door frame and the wall or floor.

How do you know if it’s time to replace your front door insulation?

As soon as you feel cold drafts near your front door, or if you notice moisture on your wood door OR your entrance doors with glass, it’s probably time to replace your door caulking. If you want to detect more discrete air exchange near your front door or exterior doors, close all the windows in your home, turn off all ventilation systems, and light a candle near your door. If the flame flickers, air may be leaking through your door frame and you may want to seal the door. Also, consider insulating the underside of your front door.

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The benefits of insulating your front door!

There are many benefits to properly insulated front doors for homes and businesses. If you seal the door properly and don’t forget to insulate the underside of the door, you will save a lot of money on air conditioning and heating since heat and moisture loss will be reduced or eliminated. In addition, well-insulated doors increase the comfort of the inhabitants of the house since cold and humidity are controlled.

It is essential to insulate a wood entry door!

The case of wood entry doors in particular. The wood of your front door can easily be damaged by the natural elements and it is common for water infiltration to damage the wood. If your wood front door has been damaged, either by water or insects, it is important to first treat the wood before caulking. It is essential to insulate your wood entry door professionally and to monitor the condition of the caulking every year so that it can be replaced as soon as it crumbles or appears damaged.

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How do you know if your front door insulation is in good condition?

As with all caulking on your property, there are certain items that need to be inspected on a regular basis in order to properly maintain the seal of all your doors and windows. According to this article from your South Shore caulking experts, your front doors should be visually inspected, in this case for cracks, wear, flaking or peeling of the sealant.

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What is the best way to insulate doors?

The technique used by Apex Caulking, a proven caulking company on the South Shore of Montreal, to insulate your front door, whether it is made of wood or other materials, or even to insulate your garage door is as follows

1. Remove the old caulking product from your front door;

2. Clean the surface with 99% alcohol to remove all traces of the old caulking;

3. Apply a support rod if the openings between the two joints are large;

4. Apply commercial grade caulking;

5. Smooth the sealant with a specialized wood stick.

Don’t forget about your garage door insulation!

The garage door is the largest opening to the outside of your property. It is therefore very important to ensure proper garage door winter insulation. The principle of garage door insulation is the same as for the insulation of your front door. You need to apply support rods if the space between the wall and the garage door is large before caulking with a quality product. If you see daylight around the garage door or feel air coming through, take the time to properly insulate your garage door. Your heating costs will decrease and your comfort will increase.

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Don’t forget to check your door bottom seal!

Water infiltration through the bottom of the front door or the garage door bottom seal can cause significant damage that you want to avoid at all costs. Take the time to visually inspect the sealant around your front door, bend over to inspect the insulation on the underside of the door, and if the sealant is cracked, worn, or peeling off, it must be replaced. Ask your caulking professional to use a high-quality caulking product to replace your garage door bottom seal and your exterior doors bottom seal.

Front door bottom sealant by Calfeutrage Apex Caulking

Why you should choose Calfeutrage apex caulking on the south shore of Montreal to seal your home or business.

Our South Shore caulking experts always use the highest quality of caulking products to insulate your front doors exterior doors and windows, without neglecting the insulation of the underside of the door. Each of the sealants used is best suited to the surfaces being caulked.

Watch here how we caulk with silicone sealant.

At Apex caulking, We are always guided by the following high standards of service:

  1. We prepare and clean the surfaces before the caulking application.
  2. We use the best and most durable sealants to seal every gap and crack in the envelope of your home.
  3. We match the caulking colour to your front door colours, window, garage door and siding colours. We stock a huge selection of caulking colours to match every surface.
  4. We shape and style the caulking joints to be smooth and straight as possible to enhance the appearance of your property and add to its value.
  5. We use the most advanced caulking and sealing techniques and tools to maximize our results, work quality and performance.

Check out our expertise and call us so we can evaluate the work that needs to be done on your property.

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