Professional caulking service in McMasterville

Calfeutrage Apex, a caulking company with an outstanding reputation throughout the South Shore of Montreal, is proud to offer its professional and guaranteed services to the residents of McMasterville.

For caulking joints that are durable, effective and improve the appearance of your property, this is the team you need to contact.

Caulking residential, commercial and industrial buildings in McMasterville

When Calfeutrage Apex is hired to replace the caulking of a residence, a business or condo building in McMasterville, the first step is the removal of the faulty/old layer of caulking that is present in the structure. Without the removal of 90%-100% of the expired caulking, a perfect building seal cannot be guaranteed.

Only by taking such precautions can the new caulking joints have a secure and watertight seal. This proven process is also the reason why we can guarantee our work for a period of 10 years. In addition, your yard, entrance and property will stay tidy after installation.

Why is caulking so important?

Caulking maintains a healthy structure by keeping it sealed against the weather elements, insects and rodents and by keeping it energy efficient.

A building with ineffective caulking is vulnerable to water infiltration

Water damage caused by water infiltration is second only to fire in terms of size and costs of damages to a building. Not only does water damage destroy your walls, floor, furniture, etc., if not treated on time (for example – water infiltration through a small crack can go unnoticed for a while) it can result in mold, fungi and rot and all health problems associated with these.

Poor caulking increases energy costs

Openings in the envelope of your home will allow leakage of cold air into your home which could increase your energy bills by 25%.

Cracks in the building envelope allow pests to intrude

Ants, bees, wasps and mice may intrude your home through small gaps in your walls. Before calling the exterminator, inspect your caulking as it may be the solution.

Free quote for caulking your property in McMasterville!

Calfeutrage Apex offers itsservices in McMasterville! If your residential, commercial or industrial property is in the region, we will provide a free caulking quote as soon as we can. When you ask for a quote, we send our caulking evaluator to visit your property.

Our evaluator will:

  • Inspect your caulking to determine if it needs to be replaced.
  • Take measurements of all elements that need to be caulked
  • Identify the present caulking product to evaluate the work that needs to be done to remove it.

For a free quote fill in our form and our evaluator will contact you shortly!