Caulking in Longueuil

Calfeutrage Apex is an experienced caulking company in the city of Longueuil. If you have a home, condo building or business in the city of Longueuil, Calfeutrage Apex is your trusted company for replacing the caulking of your structure.

We have been caulking new and old construction in Longueuil for many years and if your building has not been caulked during the past 10-15 years, it may be due for a caulking replacement.

The importance of caulking your Longueuil home or business

Caulking is used to seal gaps and cracks found in the envelope of your building, around your doors, windows, siding and other areas around your building. Gaps and holes allow the intrusion of water, air and insects into your building that can cause the following damages:

Water damage

Repairing water damage can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Extreme temperatures and different weather conditions can damage the seals around your doors and windows and allow water to leak through. If noticed on time, water infiltrations can be terminated at an early stage by simply replacing your old caulking.

If not treated on time, water damage can result in mold and rot that may travel through air ducts and can cause poor indoor air quality and illness, as well as heavy damage to your home.

Loss of energy

Applying caulking around your doors, siding and windows lowers home energy bills by stopping air leaks, which otherwise allow heat to escape in the winter.

Insect infestation

Sealing cracks and small gaps will help prevent small insects such as ants, lady bugs and bees from entering your home during spring and summer.

Signs that your caulking in Longueuil has to be replaced

There are many signs that can indicate when it’s time to replace your caulking.

Caulking appearance

Look at the caulking joints around your doors and windows. Expired caulking will look dry, cracked and broken in some places. It may look yellow or simply have a faded shade. The caulking will have no flexibility.

Poor quality caulking

Low grade caulking material that may have been applied unprofessionally in recent years  may have holes and air bubbles along the caulking joints. In such a case, it will need to be replaced.

Air leaks

Do you feel cold air currents when sitting by your windows? Cold air drafts coming through your closed doors and windows are likely the result of failed caulking.

Dampness around your windows

You may want to inspect your caulking i Longueuil when noticing water and moisture infiltration.

Insects near your window

The appearance of spider webs outside your window may suggest that your home is losing energy, as spiders prefer building their webs near warm and dry spots.

When was the last time your building was caulked or inspected for caulking in Longueuil?

If you are not sure whether your caulking is up to date, try to determine the date of your last home inspection or when the last time your Longueuil home, condo or business was caulked. Loose glass panes that move or rattle in a window may be an indication that the caulking is expired or missing.

Calfeutrage Apex, certified caulking professionals in Longueuil

Calfeutrage Apex is a professional caulking company that specializes in commercial caulking, residential caulking and condo building caulking in Longueuil and on the South Shore of Montreal. We seal your property professionally while respecting the highest standards of the construction industry with the best products on the market at competitive prices. Our team is composed of talented and highly experienced technicians that specialize in caulking all varieties of buildings and surfaces. We follow the proper steps of replacing caulking while crafting smooth, uniform and straight joints that will last for up to 30 years with a 10-year limited warranty.

The stages of replacing the caulking.

Our services of caulking in Longueuil include the following steps:

  • We remove expired caulking using a knife or an electric knife.
  • We dust and remove tiny particles and dirt and complete the process by cleaning the surface with alcohol.
  • If needed, we install a backer rod to fill in large gaps between the door or window and the wall.
  • We apply commercial grade silicone caulking material.
  • We use the tooling technique to tighten and secure the seal, as well as give it a smooth and flawless finish.
  • We clean the property and remove all caulking particles and residue.

Our high-quality caulking material

Calfeutrage Apex uses Adseal silicon caulking product, a commercial grade seal that can last up to 30 years. Winters in Longueuil can get as cold as -40°C and summers can get as hot as 40°C and buildings constantly expand and contract. It is essential that the caulking material used is flexible to allow the structure to “breath”. Adseal series 4580 by Adfast conserves its flexibility throughout the years, repeals water off its surface, cures faster than other caulking brands, is easy to clean and maintains full flexibility from as low as -40 degrees C to +232 degrees C.

Our caulking services in Longueuil

Calfeutrage Apex offers a variety of services of caulking in Longueuil for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

  • Longueuil Caulking of doors and windows
  • Longueuil Caulking sidings
  • Longueuil Caulking flashing
  • Longueuil Caulking of expansion joints
  • Longueuil Caulking architectural joints
  • Longueuil Caulking of Air outlet
  • Longueuil Caulking balconies.
  • Thermal replacement seals
  • Caulking in Longueuil of  condominium buildings
  • Caulking in Longueuil of residential structures
  • Caulking in Longueuil of commercial buildings
  • Longueuil Caulking electrical outlets
  • Caulking industrial structures
  • Free caulking quotes in Longueuil.
  • Prefabricated seals

Free caulking quotes in Longueuil

We offer free caulking quotes in Longueuil all year round. Our caulking inspector visits your property and takes accurate measurements of every part of your home that has to be sealed. He will create a detailed quote that will include a perfect shade match for your door and window frames, walls and siding.


Quick, professional, great attention to detail, and reasonable pricing. We can already feel the difference in air leakage and I’m sure it will be even more beneficial when the air conditioning and heat come on during the year. Thank you!

– Allyson Shaloohey

Marc-andre Longtin

Very satisfied, good, fast and a job very well done. I recommend them to everyone.

– Marc-Andre Longtin

Excellent work, very professional. Respects the deadlines for the work.

– Stephane Mailloux

Jacques Girard

Quality work, very well done, a work ethic beyond reproach, I am very difficult and I am very satisfied, They were able to do the work on time within the prescribed deadline, The caulking is flawless, thank you, The owners are listening and the after-sales service is also irreproachable.

– Jacques Girard