Professional caulking service in Granby

Granby is one of the many South Shore cities served by Calfeutrage Apex. Throughout the years, we have been sealing condominium buildings in Granby, as well as private homes, multiplex buildings and businesses. We provide free and extremely detailed quotes that are easy to read and understand, even if you are not familiar with quotes in the construction domain.

Choose Calfeutrage Apex In Granby.

Calfeutrage Apex is a leading professional caulking contractor on the South Shore of Montreal and in Granby. Our caulking methods are designed to provide clients with the highest quality caulking applications. This involves a thorough removal of old caulking material from doors and windows, surface cleaning using a solvent, application of the best commercial-grade caulking products available on the market, and shaping and finishing the caulking joint to ensure it is straight and flawless.

What is caulking?

Caulking is the application of a sealant to certain areas of a building structure to make joints or surfaces watertight and prevent air or water infiltration into the building envelope. Caulking will improve the longevity of any structure, because it protects it from damage and problems caused by cold, humidity, toxic fumes and insects.

Why does caulking have to be redone every few years?

Caulking can last for 10 years or longer (depending on the quality). However, most sealants will start to show first signs of detachment after 5-7 years.

Here are some reasons why the sealant may degrade and lose its effectiveness over the years:

  • Sun, snow, winds, air pollution, extremely cold and hot temperatures will abuse the caulking joints and deteriorate them gradually until they detach, split or crack.
  • Caulking that was applied poorly in the beginning has prematurely lost its durability due to weather elements. This can happen when an inexperienced individual applies faulty joints that are not unified and are full of bumps and air bubbles that prevent 100% adhesion with the surface or are applied directly over old and expired seals.
  • Low-grade caulking products will not survive the constant movement of a structure. Many low-grade caulking materials contain solvents that evaporate over time and can contract and shrink. They can also degrade, change color and lose flexibility when exposed to UV rays.

Why it’s important to rely on specialists who use proven techniques, tools and sealants

A professional caulking contractor such as Calfeutrage Apex will remove the old sealants and clean the surfaces with the appropriate products that will promote the adhesion factor of the new installation.

Our work is executed by the best caulking professionals in Quebec, boasting extensive experience and expertise, especially in caulking condo buildings, commercial structures, and residential homes.

Equipped with up-to-date specialized tools and machines, we can work at heights and on challenging terrain, ensuring our professional caulking reaches every element that needs attention. Our attention to detail and ability to access even the most challenging spaces in buildings and homes allow our clients to enjoy comprehensive caulking services.

Our attention to detail and ability to access even the most challenging spaces in buildings and homes allow our clients to enjoy comprehensive caulking services.

Calfeutrage Apex uses commercial-grade silicone products that can last up to 30 years according to the manufacturer. Our professional caulking technicians are proud to use Adseal by Adfast and Dowsil by dow, which have the following advantages:

  • It repels water
  • It will not change color
  • It will not fade
  • It resists mold and all type of stains
  • It maintains maximum flexibility through extreme weather conditions (-40°C to +232°C)
  • Its finish is beautiful, smooth and unified when applied by a professional caulking expert.
  • It has a faster drying time, reducing the risk of contaminants or other factors distorting the joint

Caulking services in Granby and th esouth shore of Montreal!

When you choose Calfeutrage Apex to caulk your building in Granby, you are choosing an experienced caulking contractor. We are committed to providing you the best service.

  • Window caulking
  • Door caulking
  • Siding caulking
  • Utility entrees and exits caulking joints.
  • Expansion joints
  • Balcony joints.

Avoid unpleasant surprises

We structure a detailed, well explained price offer and tailor it to your personal or business needs. Our caulking services in Granby encompass a complimentary detailed caulking quote that is easy to understand. We offer customized color matching for each element of your home’s exterior, boasting a stock of 160 shades of caulking. Our state-of-the-art siding, doors, and window caulking ensure a smooth and straight finish. Additionally, our professional customer service is dedicated to addressing any questions you may have

Deal with a certified company

We hold all necessary and mandatory certificates: RBQ LICENSE, CNESST coverage for our employees,3000000$ liability insurance, CCQ and ASP CARDS and APCQH MEMBERSHIP.

Guaranteed meticulous and rigorous work

We are a skilled, trained and experienced team that provides high-quality workmanship that follows all caulking stages as required by the construction industry and knows how to artistically form outstanding smooth sealing joints.

No cleaning up after us

Your property will remain clean at the end of the project. Our technicians make sure that no traces or pieces of old sealant are left behind.

Personal customer service.

Rest assured that we provide you with a personal customer service throughout the entire course of our service relationship with you.

Peace of mind for 10 years

Unlike some of our competition, we do not use the services of subcontractors. When you choose Calfeutrage Apex, you get our in-house professionals and OUR respected 10 year limited warranty!