Professional caulking service in Delson

Calfeutrage Apex is a caulking company that services Delson. Our company has extensive expertise in the creation of joints to seal the envelope of various types of buildings.

If you believe that your building is not adequately sealed against water, humidity, air or even insect intrusion, you have everything to gain by using Calfeutrage Apex’s professional services today!

Why is it important to have your Delson property caulked?

Living in Quebec, Canada, residential, commercial and industrial property owners should be aware of the importance of caulking during the winter due to heavy amounts of snow and extreme cold temperatures but also throughout the entire year as rain and moisture that enters the building have the potential to ruin the exterior and interior surface of your home or commercial property.

Which parts of my structure should be caulked? 

Caulking should be applied wherever small gaps, cracks or holes appear:

  • Openings and cracks between joints along windows, doors and aluminum siding. Garage walls, attic air sealing, porch roofs, chimney shafts, flashing, expansion joints, architectural joints
  • Caulking of air outlets, balcony, thermal replacement seals, electric outlets, prefabricated seals.

Calfeutrage Apex: a team of professionals known throughout the South Shore and in Delson

Calfeutrage Apex’s team is made up of highly talented caulking technicians with many years of experience in the construction industry, caulking a large variety of structures and surfaces.

Trustworthy caulking technicians with a proven track record

We hold a valid license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), we are members of the APCHQ (Provincial Association of Home Builders of Quebec)  and Our employees are covered by the CNESST  (mandatory coverage). In addition, Calfeutrage Apex holds all necessary certificates as well as liability insurance.

Our proven methods guarantee the performance and aesthetics of our caulking joints

Our work is always executed by the highest standards of the construction industry while following all necessary steps to ensure the proper installation of caulking joints that will last for many years with a 10-year limited warranty:

  • Old and expired caulking is removed
  • The surfaces are always dusted and cleaned by alcohol.
  • A backer rod is installed (if needed).
  • We only use the highest commercial grades of caulking products.
  • We shape and tool the joints to create a 100% secure and tight seal as well as give the joint a smooth, flawless and uniform appearance that will improve to looks of your property.  

Our warranty gives you peace of mind

Calfeutrage Apex provides a 10-year limited warranty to all property types in Delson.

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