Professional caulking service in Chambly

If you have a home, a commercial or industrial building in the city of Chambly that needs a new caulking application, do not hesitate to contact Calfeutrage Apex.

Calfeutrage Apex is an experienced company that specializes in caulking residential properties such as private homes, condominiums and all types of plexes (duplex, triplex, entire condo buildings), as well as commercial and industrial buildings with a variety of levels and surfaces.

Caulking needs to be inspected

In Chambly, as well as in the rest of Quebec, extremely cold weather and the sun can wear out the sealants that insulate your home from the exterior elements. It is important to inspect the caulking of your structure to ensure that it is up to date and no cracks, gaps, and openings are present in the building envelope.

Many problems can result from faulty caulking

Water infiltration, loss of energy and an invasion of insects and rodents into your building are the most common results of faulty caulking and can be quite costly to repair. Aside from fire, water damage is extremely destructive to your property, furniture and even your health and can be easily avoided by replacing old sealants.

Calfeutrage Apex: the leading caulking company in Chambly

Calfeutrage Apex is proud to have an experienced team of skilled and professional caulkers that follow the strictest standards to replace and install impeccable caulking joints that will last for up to 30 years.

Proven methods that guarantee an aesthetic and long-lasting result

We always remove old and flawed joints, followed by a thorough cleaning of all surfaces and the application of a commercial-grade silicone caulking that maintains its flexibility in extreme cold and hot weather while buildings extract and contract without cracking or falling apart.

We always shape, style and tool our caulking joints to ensure a tight and perfect seal and smooth aesthetic and uniform joint that will improve the appearance of your property.

Certifications that testify to the quality of our work

  • Calfeutrage Apex holds a valid RBQ license
  • We are members of the APCQH
  • Our team is protected by mandatory CNESST coverage.

We are proud to offer a variety of caulking services in the city of Chambly:

  • Caulking and sealing windows and doors
  • Caulking siding
  • Sealing flashing
  • Sealing expansion joints
  • Caulking architectural joints
  • Caulking air outlets
  • Caulking balconies
  • Thermal replacement seals
  • Caulking condominium buildings
  • Caulking residential homes and condos
  • Caulking commercial buildings
  • Sealing electric outlets
  • Caulking Chambly industrial buildings
  • Free caulking quotes
  • Interior caulking
  • RV caulking
  • Prefabricated seals

Unrivalled expertise in the caulking of condo buildings in Chambly

Over the years, Calfeutrage Apex has established some excellent relationships with syndicates and co-owners of condo buildings throughout Chambly and the other cities on the South Shore. We work closely with syndicates and managers, understanding the tremendous responsibility they have in representing a group of co-owners when choosing a business to service their building.

Our quotes are clear and avoid unpleasant surprises

Calfeutrage Apex creates a detailed service proposal, tailored for syndicate managers, that is simple and easy to understand. We assign an account manager to communicate with the syndicate or business from the start to the end of the project.

Give yourself peace of mind with our 10-year warranty

Our caulking projects in Chambly, are covered by our limited 10-year warranty

(Our warranty is applied as follows: Calfeutrage Apex will repair or replace any damaged caulking joint that were done by Calfeutrage Apex only if the joint was worn out in less than 10 years due to faulty installation done by our company).