Professional caulking service in Candiac

Calfeutrage Apex offers its professional services in the city of Candiac. Just like most structures in Quebec, residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Candiac should be inspected annually to ensure that no splits or openings are present in the envelope of the building. In many cases, these can be caused by outdated caulking joints that have lost their effectiveness over time.

You can trust our technicians on the South Shore of Montreal to ensure that your caulking is always effective and correctly seals your property located in Candiac and the surrounding area.

Outdated caulking can cause you a lot of trouble

When a home’s caulking loses its effectiveness, the building envelope is no longer as airtight. This means that air and water can penetrate and cause considerable damage. This can even reduce the quality of life for the building’s occupants.

Air infiltration will impact your home and comfort

Cold air drafts entering your home during winter will result in decreased comfort for you and your family.

The leakage of cold air into your home will increase your electricity bill by up to 25% higher than what it should be costing you, even up to a few thousand dollars more in the long run.

Water infiltration also has serious repercussions

If cold air enters your home, it means that water can seep in as well, causing mold, rot and decay – that have the potential to lead to expensive repairs, damages to the structure and potentially risking the health of your family, particularly children and the elderly.

A penetrable building envelope can allow harmful gases to enter

If you live close to a main road, car pollution, carbon dioxide and other toxic fumes can easily enter your home.

A poorly caulked house is susceptible to infestation

It goes without saying that holes and cracks in the walls of your home will allow ants, insects and perhaps rodents to infest your building.

Inspecting your caulking for air leaks

You can run your own inspection to find out if your home is well sealed by lighting a candle and placing it near your closed doors, windows, different corners of your home. The flame will detect the lightest currants of air!

Calfeutrage Apex checks the condition of your caulking in Candiac

Calfeutrage Apex offers free quotes in the city of Candiac. Our quotes are done by our evaluator who will come inspect your structure, evaluate the cost of caulking and choose the best caulking shades to match your siding, door and window frames.

When you caulk your Candiac home with Calfeutrage Apex, you invest in your property

As described above, caulking will improve the longevity of your house by sealing it against water, air, toxic fumes and bugs. But with Calfeutrage Apex, there is another advantage.

Due to our advanced tooling technique, our sealants are impeccably tight as well as crafted to look immaculate, as if they are an extension of your door and window frames. To do this, our evaluator will visit the site free of charge to determine the colour of the sealant that will not only be effective, but also aesthetically pleasing.

High-quality caulking will increase the value of your home and improve its appearance

Many real estate agents will testify to the fact that plenty of homes that are put on the market for sale fail inspections due to poor caulking. Luckily for our clients, not only does Calfeutrage Apex  provide an excellent workmanship that lasts for many years with a 10 year limited warranty, but our warranty is also transferable.