Professional caulking in Brossard

Calfeutrage Apex has been caulking doors and windows of old and new constructions in Brossard for many years. If your Brossard home is older than 10 years, your caulking may be past due and may need to be replaced.

Why is caulking your home in Brossard important?

Caulking your Brossard home or commercial or industrial building is a necessary step to ensure that the envelope of your building is properly sealed, to prevent water infiltration, cold or warm air currents and to prevent insects or rodents from entering your home.

Neglecting your sealants may results in health issues and financial damage to your family and your structure:

  • Water infiltration is an extremely costly reparation to a building, but it can also develop into mold and rot and exposure to mold can cause a number of serious health issues.
  • Cracks and holes in the envelope of your building may allow cold and warm air currents to enter your home and as a result, raise your energy bills.
  • Lastly, small insects such as ants and wasps or small rodents may find their way into your home if your caulking is failing, therefore it is best to ensure that no gaps are left open.

How do I know if my Brossard caulking is expired?

  • Cold air drafts coming through your closed window may suggest that your caulking is failing.
  • A loose glass pane that moves or rattles in the window frame is a sign of cracked, missing or expired caulking.
  • Loose pieces of caulking: At its final stages, caulking can crack, crumble and fall apart around your window frame or on the floor.
  • Dampness above or beneath your window: Failed caulking will allow water to seep in and damage your interior or exterior walls.
  • Caulking joints look yellow, cracked or loose.
  • Spider webs outside your window or even an excessive amount of ladybugs around it may indicate that heat is escaping through gaps and cracks between your window frame and your wall where caulking should be present.
  • If It has been 10-15 years since the last time your home was caulked, you will want to inspect the caulking as it may due for a replacement.

What is caulking?

Caulking is a material used to seal cracks and gaps in the envelope of a building.

Calfeutrage Apex specializes in residential and commercial caulking in Brossard

Weather you live in house or condo building, Calfeutrage Apex has the expertise to professionally caulk homes and businesses in Brossard and in the South Shore of Montreal.

We work by the highest standards of the construction industry while following all mandatory steps to ensure the proper replacement of your expired caulking joints. Our objective is to elevate your property to a whole new level of efficiency by sealing it with commercial grade caulking and improving the appearance of your doors and window frames. Our team is trained to apply impeccable caulking joints that will last for many years while using the professional techniques and all necessary steps to ensure that our caulking seals every gap and crack while looking smooth and flawless.

Here are the steps we take when caulking Brossard and the south shore of Montreal:

  • Removal of old and expired caulking.
  • Dusting followed by the cleanup of the surfaces that will be caulked.
  • Inserting backer rods to fill large spaces between doors, windows and walls.
  • The application of commercial-grade silicon caulking.
  • Tooling the caulking joints to insure a perfect and aesthetic seal.
  • Cleanup of the property

Our caulking services in Brossard:

Calfeutrage Apex offers a variety of sealing services for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Free quote for caulking in Brossard!

Calfeutrage Apex offers free quotes and caulking inspections at your home and business.

Our free quotes are detailed and allow you to understand your price better. When you request a free estimation, we send our Brossard technicians to take measurements of your building and assess the work required to replace or apply new caulking. Our technician will also determine which caulking shades are most suitable for your home, building or business and carefully pick the perfect caulking shade.

Professional caulking

Caulking is one of the things you don’t want to cut corners on. Applying new caulking to the old one can lead to poor waterproofing, in addition to having to replace it soon after application. Moreover, imperfect caulking can affect the appearance of the entire job as well as the appearance of your entire structure.

At Calfeutrage Apex, our joints have a smooth, finished appearance that will also seal to perfection. We obtain colors perfectly suited to your frames, doors, windows and siding. Our team of experienced caulkers follows all necessary steps to ensure that the work is flawless and your property remains clean when the work is done.

You will be truly amazed at how much the installation of professional caulking can greatly improve the appearance of your property.

10-year limited warranty

The product we use to caulk structures is a commercial-grade silicon caulking that can last for up to 30 years according to the manufacturer. Our silicon caulking material has a superior UV protection and it conserves its flexibility characteristics at a wider temperature range. When we caulk buildings in Brossard or any city on the South Shore of Montreal, we guarantee our work for 10 years.