No matter what grade of exterior caulk you choose to use to insulate your home, its optimal life span is not forever. Exterior caulk expands in the summer, shrinks in the winter, and adapts to the weather. It is therefore normal for it to wear out a little each year.


The life span of the exterior silicone sealant.

When the quality of the exterior silicone sealant is right, it is a product that lasts a long time, but not forever. Its optimal lifespan is around 10 years, but an annual or bi-annual inspection is essential to avoid too much deterioration.

The exterior caulk of a home must resist the elements. If heavy rains occur over several days, it is wise to inspect the damage as soon as the weather permits and make repairs immediately if necessary. Check out this article if you want to learn more about inspecting your caulking.

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South shore caulking by Calfeutrage Apex exterior caulking with color matching.

When it comes to the life of exterior silicone caulk, we consider 2 aspects:


1. The quality of the exterior silicone sealant product. There are many types of caulk and it is important to choose the best product for your building, your surfaces, and your local climate. At Apex Caulking, we use Dowsil or Adfast Adseal 4580 for a long life of the exterior silicone sealant.

2. Application: The life of the exterior silicone caulk will not be long if it is not properly applied according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Therefore, it is important that the application of the exterior caulk be done properly by yourself or a caulking specialist. 

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Window caulking on a condo building on the south shore of Montreal by Calfeutrage apex Inc.

First, you should inspect the exterior caulk on your home.

A visual inspection of the condition of your home’s exterior caulk is simple to perform. Start by checking the south side of the house, as this is the side that is most likely to show signs of deterioration. Exposure to the sun remains the factor that has the most impact on the premature wear of the exterior sealant. Take the time to walk around the house, paying attention to the following areas

– Narrow joints, as they are more susceptible to damage.

– Joints between the siding (Canexel or other) and the foundation; poor caulking in these areas can allow water to seep into the foundation and require major repairs.

  • Areas where doors touch the siding.
  • Areas where windows touch the siding.
  • Skylights.
  • The chimney.
  • Air intake hatches.
  • Exterior door seal, exterior door bottom seal
  • Exterior window caulking.
  • The top corner of windows and doors; this is where rain and melting snow enter.

vieux calfeutrage

Old cracked caulking.

Notice signs of deterioration in your home’s exterior caulk.

Now that you know which areas of your home should be visually inspected for weaknesses in your caulking, all that’s left is to understand what to notice. You’re looking for cracks, wear marks, peeling or flaking exterior sealant, cracking, and micro-cracks. Cracks in the exterior window seal indicate wear and tear that compromises the water tightness of the house.


When the exterior caulk comes off, even partially, water, air and dirt can seep into the house and cause mold in the window frame, framing, or even the subfloor. Getting rid of the insects that get in can also be a daunting task. Replacing these structural materials is much more expensive than having your exterior caulking replaced by the experts at Apex Caulking.


In addition to the visual inspection, there are some signs to look for. You may notice heat loss or cold air coming into your home. This can be felt at windows, exterior door , or other openings. This is a fairly reliable sign that new caulking may be needed.

Keep an eye on your electricity bill as well. Sudden increases can also indicate a loss of waterproofing in your property.

Apex caulking, window caulking south shore of Montreal

Old caulking 

Careful attention to exterior caulking in a new home

When you build a new home, you can expect it to meet your needs perfectly, but even if it’s new, you should expect to have to make corrections in the first year. A new house moves, adapts to the land, to the different materials, and to its environment.

It is normal to have to re-seal your home after one year, regardless of the quality of the exterior caulking applied at the beginning. The exterior caulk helps the house to adapt, to harmonize the joints between the different materials.

When your home celebrates its first year of existence, and again when it is two years old, it is recommended that you visually inspect the exterior sealant joints. It’s common for the caulk to separate from the joints between the walls, so just repair it quickly.


Best time to replace the exterior caulk.

Replacing the exterior caulk on your doors and windows is not a task that can be done in the winter, no surprise here. The ideal time to replace the exterior caulking is when the weather is temperate, in the spring, summer, or fall.

Calfeutrage de fenêtre Calfeutrage Apex rive sud

Window caulking and window sill caulking by Calfeutrage Apex.

What is our exterior caulking tip?

Choose a quality exterior sealant adapted to your materials!

A high tempertures and cold weather exterior caulk is durable and will last longer in Quebec.

How to apply exterior silicone caulk around a window?

Check out this article on How to Caulk a Window in 6 Steps.

Or: Call Apex Caulking, your caulking contractor on the South Shore of Montreal for professional caulking services with a 10-year warranty.

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