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Definition of a caulker.

A caulker is a  person who caulks, seals the joints of 2 surfaces.  

To caulk means to seal / to airtight or watertight joints or openings by using a caulking material or a sealant.


Who is considered a professional caulker?

A professional caulker refers to an individual that is skilled and experienced with the application of caulking materials. Since the caulking skill is acquired through continued training on different worksites, building elements and materials, a professional caulker in Quebec, Canada is required to have:


  • An ASP card – A construction safety card.
  • A CCQ card is mandatory for construction workers on commercial, industrial, new constructions and condominiums.

A caulking contractor or a caulking business in Quebec Canada must have a valid RBQ ( Regie du batiment du Quebec) license.


Photo: A window caulked by Calfeutrage Apex caulker.

Window caulking by Calfeutrage Apex Caulking South shore of Montreal.

An expert caulker must understand how a structure functions.


One of the most common mistakes performed by amateurs is their tendency to apply caulking in places intended to allow water out. Sealing the window flashing, the bottom of a siding or a weep hole, can result in serious water infiltration.

Choosing the right type and quality of a caulking product for the surfaces and building material is extremely important as it will determine the durability of the sealant joints throughout the years.



Heat loss demo, Calfeutrage Apex caulking


Professional caulkers work according to the construction industry basics and building codes.

When hiring a caulking contractor, it is important to inquire about the work methods used to replace the sealants of your building. The removal of the old sealants is important to ensure proper adhesion between the new caulk and the surfaces. In addition, it is important that all surfaces be cleaned with a solvent before the application of the new sealant. 


Caulking siding done bt Calfeutrage Apex caulking

It is recommended to avoid removing the old caulk if the removal process damages the building material. 

The experience of the professional will allow him to determine the best method and what tools to use for the removal of the old caulking. In some cases, it may be best to leave some of the old caulking, if removing the old caulk is likely to damage the siding material or the air vent.

 In cases of a very thin film of caulking, any hard tool attempting to manually remove this scellant is guaranteed to scratch the surface on which the old caulking is thinly smeared. In such cases, the experienced caulker will know what solvent to use to chemically break down the old scellant without stripping the paint off the surface intended to be recaulked. 


Not all construction workers are caulkers!

It is not uncommon for a good caulker to remove the old joint and find several layers of caulk, some incompatible with each other and with different compositions, that will peel away from each other with minimal effort. A proof that not all workers, having a certificate of competence titled simply “manœuvre” according to the CCQ, have the knowledge and the skills to apply a sealant according to the industry standards or the manufacturer’s requirements. Since no regularization exists with the government (RBQ), any worker who has a competency card titled MANOEUVRE can introduce himself as a caulker without respecting the essential steps required by the caulking manufacturers.


How will I know if the caulking work is done properly? 

The complete absence of old joints or their residues from the work site is an indication that the removal of old joints and/or cleaning of surfaces has been neglected. If this is the case, the new joint will be easy to remove and will expose the presence of the old joint underneath. The work performed is then out of specification and legally and a full refund can be demanded unless the customer has agreed to this service. An example would be a cosmetic seal to hide a visual defect. The new joint must have contact on two surfaces with a minimum of ¼ inch or 6mm to ensure long-term adhesion.

Photo: Removing the old caulk – by Calfeutrage Apex Caulking

Removing oold caulk. Calfeutrage Apex Caulking

How can you tell the difference between a pro and an amateur?

Knowledge from a professional with years of experience will be apparent in both the arts of removal and application. The most obvious difference will be the finished results. Professional caulkers pay attention to details and will ultimately produce evenly straight water-tight seals.  

In the case of amateurs, you may get any combination of wavy joints with finger marks and a questionable colour. In many cases, the corners are pressed down with fingerprints. Often you may see the old caulking peeking through the surface of the new seals. Using an amateur may leave you thinking you could have done the same with little effort.

 Photo: Entrance door caulked by Calfeutrage Apex caulking.

Caulking an entrance door by Calfeutrage Apex caulking

The caulkers of Calfeutrage Apex.

Caulking is a skill that can take months and even years to master. At Calfeutrage apex, we only allow professional caulkers to caulk residential commercial and industrial buildings. Each one of our caulking specialists has experience of working for 10 years or more in the field.

Our professional caulkers are required to excel at each and every step of the caulking replacement process: From the removal of the old sealants to the cleaning of all surfaces and the application of sealants and the final finishes. Every step is done professionally and without cutting corners. 

Photo: Window caulking by Calfeutrage apex Caulking.

Window caulking by Calfeutrage Apex Caulking

Find a caulker near me.

Our caulkers work on the south shore of Montreal. At Apex Caulking, we don’t use subcontractors – the work is done by our trained employees only. Whether you live in Granby, Bromont, Saint Jean sur Richelieu, Brossard or Longueuil, we service each and every city on the south shore of Montreal. 


Reviews of Calfeutrage Apex Caulking:


Marie, Brossard.

“My caulker is Apex caulking! 5 stars for an impeccable work that lasts for years! Thank you for an amazing service.” 


Vince G 

“For window and exterior sealing, this company was prompt on time and kept their word on the promised date and the work was simply flawless!”


Christina E 

“Thank you Calfeutrage Apex for caulking our windows and doors! The caulking looks fantastic and now we are ready for winter!” 

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