Caulking window sills: why is it important?


In architecture, there are a large number of terms, some of which are technical, that remain unknown to the general public. Window sills, Just as important as a lintel, are window elements, which play a precise role in the comfort of a house. 

In particular, the caulking of window sills is an essential operation in the effective insulation of a living or working space. Although various renovation techniques can restore damaged insulation, waiting too long can result in considerable additional costs. 


What is a window sill? 

We know the lintel, which is the part made of stone, brick or concrete, usually integrated into the structure of the wall above a window. The window sill is its lower counterpart, which is the part that supports the window picture by resting on the lower part of the wall. 

The sill can also be decorative only, usually made of the same material as the lintel. The newer ones consist of two parts and are sealed in the center, called jointed sills. Sills are easily overlooked by homeowners. Yet their integrity is just as important as any other part of a window.

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The Importance of Exterior Window Sills. 

Aluminum window sills are mainly found in commercial buildings. They have more of a decorative role. Older houses may have beautiful window sills made of grey stone, sometimes with some decorative work, which is frost resistant. You’ll also see window sills in worked interiors, at a slightly reduced size of that of a regular sill. Brick or concrete window sills are also found nowadays in more modern buildings. Either way, the role of the sill is both architectural and to seal the insulation around the windows.


The Importance of Caulking Window Sills. 


It is a great mistake not to pay attention to the health of the window sill. The sill suffers the damage of time like any other building component. The cement expansion joint of the window sill gradually deteriorates, allowing water to seep through.

Water infiltration can have a serious impact on the integrity of a building. Cold air may also infiltrate through possible cracks, as well as air from the inside can leak out through said cracks. Monitoring the exterior caulking of window sills is essential to avoid major damage and high renovation costs. It is also a significant parameter when it comes to the interior comfort of the occupants.


Effective window caulking, or regular monitoring of the quality of the window frame, window caulking, including the sill, is an important part of good insulation practice and home improvement. It is important not to leave any chance for fungal or mould growth caused by water infiltration. Also, remember that water infiltration may also cause bricks to burst during freeze-up and thaw periods.

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