So you have decided to have your property or home’s caulking replaced by a professional caulking company in the South Shore. The first step is to get a price quote for the work.

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 How is an exterior caulking price quote calculated?

Every business has its own method of calculating a quote, here are some of the common methods:

-A general price quote by phone: A general price for a home by collecting information by phone or google map.

A General price quote in person: An estimator will inspect your home and provide a price on the back of a business card or verbally.

OUR METHOD: A full sealant inspection with a detailed Quote: We visit your property, gather information and send you a well-written, detailed and easy-to-understand quote by email. 


The problem with a general quote:

  1. It is vague and leaves you wondering: which elements will be sealed? How can you know that all the openings are included and will be sealed?
  2. Is this your final price? Will the caulkers notice a new opening they didn’t include and increase your bill?
  3. Colour matching may be too general or unfit. 


How Calfeutrage apex calculates the cost of caulking:

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Calfeutrage Apex specializes in residential, commercial caulking services. We calculate our price based on the following factors: 

  • Linear feet: We take exact measurements of all surfaces to be sealed.
  • The condition and type of the present sealants – Old sealant must be removed if you want a perfect seal. We remove 95% of the old caulk (Removal that may damage the building will not be done).
  • Building accessibility ( Are there items in the way? Fences, tempos, small structures, unique landscaping? ).
  • Size of joints – Depth and width- How much material will be used.
  • Type of sealants: Silicon caulking products or other types?

We price each job by linear feet, an accurate and competitive price. Since our quote is NOT a rough estimate- the price quoted is the final price!

Our caulking submissions and services include the following benefits:

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  • We offer free colour matching to your home! We carry 200 shades of caulks to ensure that your sealant joints are almost invisible and flawless. It is ideal for all types of commercial, industrial and residential renovations. If you are paying for quality work-it should look spectacular!
  • You can meet our inspector, however, you don’t have to be home for the quoting process as the entire quote is done on the exterior of your home. 
  • Our warranty is included in the quote – All of it -full transparency.
  • We use top Commercial grade sealants with a long term warranty.

With calfeutrage Apex, you can be sure that all openings will be sealed.

 Many caulking companies quote the price of caulking windows and doors only. However, every home inspector will tell you that the following elements must be sealed and waterproofed as well:

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  1. Door caulking joints
  2. Window caulking joints 
  3. Exterior lights
  4. Siding joints
  5. Balcony joints
  6. Roof joints
  7. Architectural joints
  8. Air exits
  9. Electric outlets.
  10. Roof flashing joints
  11. Expansion joints

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Caulking quotes for condo buildings.

Condo buildings and condo building presidents can benefit by receiving easy to understand submissions that are simple to present to the co-owners.  

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Learn about our steps of caulking homes and businesses.

We work by the highest standards set by the construction industry and manufacturer specifications. Whether we seal a window frame or an electric outlet, we always follow these steps:


  1. Remove the old sealants – For perfect adherence to the surfaces, the old caulk must be removed.
  2. Removal of dust- We remove dust particles and pieces of leftover caulk.
  3. Clean with solvent – The surfaces are cleaned with 99% alcohol to remove impurities.
  4. Fill in large gaps – We install a backer rod to fill in large/deep gaps.
  5. Caulking – We use the best commercial-grade caulks ( For example, silicone caulk) to last for up to 30 years.
  6. Tooling: We smooth, style, tool, and shape the caulking joints to enhance the appearance of your home or business and give your doors, windows and sidings a fresh new look.
  7. We clean your property at the end.

Calfeutrage Apex caulking quote

Why should you choose Calfeutrage Apex?

  • Because the results of our work are similar to the way we quote your project: Attention to detail, professional and precise.
  • Our team members are exceptionally experienced caulkers with many years in the field and experience in sealing all types of structures and surfaces.
  • Because we have all the legal certificates and licenses needed for work in Canada and Quebec (RBQ, CCQ, CENSST ACQ).
  • Because we have proper insurance that is updated and valid.
  • Because we follow and work by the highest standards of the construction industry.
  • Because your satisfaction is our number 1 priority.


We offer a detailed quote for commercial caulking, industrial, residential and condo buildings. 

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