Replacing your window caulking for the winter is essential!

With winter ahead, we remember the cold air infiltration we felt last winter, the mice we had to chase away and the high electric bills we received. Replacing your window caulking is crucial if it has deteriorated if it was poorly done, or simply if the choice of caulking for your windows was the wrong one for your home or condo.

Do-it-yourself window caulking or hire a caulking specialist?

Caulking your home is a big responsibility. You can caulk your home by yourself as there are several basic options available at the hardware store for homeowners that prefer to caulk their homes for the winter at a lower cost.

Are you really qualified to do a top-quality window caulking rennovation? For a proper window caulking replacement you must:

  • Close all gaps around your doors, windows, siding and other building elements.
  • Avoid caulking openings that are essential to the evacuation of water away from your building.
  • Apply an even and air bubble-free sealant joint that is water-tight and airtight.

By choosing to have your caulking work done by the caulking specialists at Calfeutrage Apex , you have access to commercial-grade caulking products and the services of experienced and skilled caulkers. With years of combined caulking experience, our caulking spcialists will identify and remedy weaknesses in your home’s envelope.

At Calfeutrage Apex Caulking, we offer caulking products that perfectly match the shades of your home’s exterior elements. Our door and window caulking joints are smooth and consistent, and our caulking work is guaranteed under our 10-year limited warranty.

How much is professional caulking?

The price of professional caulking is calculated according to the following factors:

  1. The number of linear feet to be caulked.
  2. The type of old sealant to be removed.
  3. The size and width of the exterior silicone joints.
  4. The type of caulking product needed to complete the project professionally.
  5.  The ease of access to the property.

Depending on the number of linear feet to be caulked, our price of door and window caulking of a home can cost anywhere from 950$ to 3000$.

Some caulking companies will give you a price over the phone based on the information you provide; however, this type of quote is vague and does not provide many details on what items will or will not be sealed.

At Calfeutrage Apex Caulking, we prefer to consider all the factors affecting the caulking work to be done before giving you a price. Our caulking specialist will visit your building and provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate.

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive a quote detailing the price for each item to be caulked and the products used. You’ll know what to expect, and so will our caulking specialists. To find out exactly how we calculate the price of a quote, read this article.

Window caulking made by Calfeutrage Apex.

Contact us to get an idea of how much it will cost to caulk your condo building or home for the winter.

When is the best time to caulk your windows for the winter?

Window caulking is not impossible to do during winter, but it can be quite a challenge. The basic rule of thumb of door and window caulking is to have a dry, moisture-free surface. The best seasons to tackle this task are spring, summer and fall. Ideally, choose a day without rain, with comfortable weather, so it is pleasant to work on your caulking project.

What is the best caulk for cold weather?

When it comes to door and window caulking in the winter, our caulking specialists reccomend to choose the right type of sealant. The main difference between silicone caulking and polyurethane caulking is that the latter is an organic material while silicone is inorganic.

The polyurethane-based sealant has great adhesion to surfaces, a good duration of protection and resists well. However, it deteriorates quickly when exposed to UV rays and sunlight. It loses its properties over time while silicone retains them regardless of the elements.

In addition, silicone is much more resistant to temperature variations in our region and retains its flexibility, essential for caulking. Silicone cures faster than polyurethane and can be applied in very cold or very hot weather, unlike polyurethane-based sealant. Learn more about these two types of sealants.

How do you seal windows in winter?

The process of window caulking is the same as any other form of caulking:

  1. Remove the existing caulk to prepare a surface where the new caulk can adhere perfectly (Use a putty knife or electric knife);
  2. Clean the entire area to be re-caulked;
  3. Remove all traces of dust around the window frame;
  4. Clean the surfaces with a solvent;
  5. If the space to be caulked is wider than 4 mm, apply a support rod;
  6. Insert the caulking product into the caulking gun and cut the edge at a 45 degrees.
  7. Apply window caulking with the caulking gun at a 45 degrees;
  8. Shape and smooth your window caulking joints to prevent air bubbles and holes in your caulking.
  9. Clean up the property to give it a look it deserves.

To learn how to caulk, watch our window caulking videos.

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