How to install perfect window caulking joints in 6 steps?

Hello, I am Jonathan, owner of Calfeutrage Apex, a caulking specialist on the south shore. I think you will agree with me when I say that replacing your sealant is one of THE MOST important renovations for your home. It is also one of the cheapest improvements to get done.

Watch how this video to see how we caulk windows.

Every dollar invested in replacing your window caulking will SAVE you hundreds and thousands of dollars in damages.

A well-sealed window can prevent air infiltration, loss of heat, water infiltration and an intrusion of insects. In this post, I will list the steps to replace your window sealant like a pro!


Inspect the sealants around your doors and windows

Old, cracked caulk is easy to notice; I recommend that you inspect your joints once a year to prevent water infiltration and the intrusion of cold air drafts into your home. Take a walk around your home and inspect your windows and doors: If you see that your sealant joints are falling apart, have holes and gaps – they need to be changed and the sooner, the better.


What you need to get for your caulking project:

Before starting this project, take some time to research and be prepared. You will want to choose your preferred sealant base and a caulking gun. For our caulking and sealing services, we mostly use silicone-based sealant made by Adfast: Adseal 4580 for our residential caulking projects and commercial, industrial caulking projects.

I choose silicone-based caulk because:

Silicon maintains its flexibility when your home extracts and contracts in cold and high temperatures. Silicon doesn’t require a lot of maintenance (You can read more about our preferred product here. ). Choose a sealant with the closest colour to your window frame.

You will also need to prepare: pliers and blades to remove the old caulk, a Solvent and soft fabric, a soft brush, and a plastic cover to protect your deck or plants. You may need a backer rod if the window joints have a big gap between them.


1. Remove window caulking.

remove old caulking calfeutrage Apex caulkingRemoving the old joints is important for good bonding between the sealant and the surface.

How to remove window caulking?

You must first remove the old sealant, just like professional caulkers do. If you don’t remove the old product, the adhesion between the new sealant and the surface may not be perfect. For this task, you can use pliers, blades or an electric knife.


2. Dust the window joints and the surface. 

After the removal of the old sealant, use a delicate brush to remove the leftover dust particles. It is imperative to ensure that the window joints will be dirt free and that there will be nothing between the joints and the caulking product.

3. Clean the window joints with a solvent.

clean joints with solvant calfeutrage ApexUse a soft fabric with solvent to eliminate any dirt such as oil spots, glue, stubborn dirt. The joints and their surroundings should be completely clean to ensure perfect adhesion of the new sealant to the surface. 


4. Installation of Backer rod – filling big gaps.

Backer rodTake a look at the gap between the joints. If the gap is bigger than a quarter-inch and is deep, you will have to insert a backer rod. A backer rod is a type of foam used to fill gaps between building materials to control the sealant depth and provide backing for the sealant. The backer rod prevents the caulk from sinking deeper into the gap. You can choose the size of the backer rod according to the size of the gap.

5. Application of silicon window caulking joints.

caulking patio door calfeutrage Apex







Tips for straight sealant joints:

  1. Cut the nozzle at a 45-degree angle – it will be easier to caulk corners and hard to reach spots.
  2. Place the cartilage in the caulking gun.
  3. Hold the caulk gun parallel to the element you are sealing and start pulling a straight line (Keep parallel to what you caulk).
  4. Always keep even pressure on the trigger to apply the product evenly.
  5. Don’t pull lines longer than 2-4 feet since you will have to tool (smooth ) the window caulking joint.
  6. tool a caulking joint calfeutrag eApex caulkingAt Calfeutrage Apex, we use a hand-carved wood stick to tool the joint and give it a smooth, flawless finish and blend the caulking with the window frame, so it is not noticeable. Tooling requires practice over a long period of time. Some people use their fingers to smooth the joints; however, it may be noticeable. You can try to use a flat spatula or a spoon instead.


6. Clean the work area

After the windows’ caulking is completed, you will want to clean your surroundings from the leftover sealant. If you caulk in summer and remove thermoplastics caulk, it could be melted on the ground and stain your deck, so you might want to toss it as soon as you can and have a protective sheet on your deck.

After installing your new window joints, you must not forget to let the sealant cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Sealing your home’s envelope should be a high priority when it comes to protecting your home against water and air infiltration. The caulk’s replacement around your doors, windows, and sidings may take longer or shorter time depending on the present caulking product. Some caulking products are easy to remove, and some may take a really long time to remove. If done well, a quality sealant may last for 6-10 years.

Calfeutrage Apex – Caulking south shore – Professional caulking services.

Calfeutrage Apex window caulkingCalfeutrage Apex is a leading company on the south shore of Montreal. Our team has professional caulkers that specialize specifically in sealing residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We provide professional caulking services with a 10-year warranty. 

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When we seal windows and doors we:

  1. Choose the perfect shade for your window and door frames.
  2. Apply straight and professional joints.
  3. We use the tooling technique to smooth the caulking joints for a perfect finish. 


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