Many owners of multiplex or condo buildings know that building caulking is essential to preserve the integrity of the building materials. Caulking the windows and doors of multi-unit buildings prevents water infiltration, air drafts, and insects from entering.

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Regular maintenance of a building is also an important task for the owners of a house or a condo. Caulking the windows of their home and replacing exterior door seal as well as the exterior caulk of siding in addition to protecting from the elements, ensures comfort and peace of mind.

Door and window caulking in buildings and private residences located on the South Shore of Montreal is a step that should not be neglected. How often should we change the silicone caulk on our condo windows? How long does a caulking sealant last on the doors of buildings and homes on the South Shore of Montreal? Several factors come into play:


What is the average life span of exterior caulking sealant?

How long does caulking last outside?

Overall, we can say that exterior caulk can have a lifespan that varies between five (5) and twenty-five (25) years. This is a very wide range that is influenced by the composition of the caulking types, the area of the caulking on the building, the quality of the work that allowed the exterior sealant to be installed, and many other factors.

Silicone caulk is the preferred choice of our team of experts if the area to be caulked is suitable because silicone caulk remains flexible in both hot and cold weather. It is, therefore, the best caulk for cold weather and it is ideal for the climate in summer of buildings and residences on the South Shore of Montreal.

What is the longest-lasting exterior caulk?

Perfect silicone joints are waterproof and water-repellent. They prevent water from passing through and repel it to the outside. A silicone sealant can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, depending on the quality chosen and the location of the caulking in relation to the elements, such as the sun and high winds. Silicone caulking offers the best resistance to UV rays.

failed caulkingPolyurethane caulk is made of an organic material that gives it durability and adhesion. However, it reacts poorly if exposed to sunlight, for example on the south wall of your condominium building. It has a life span of 10 to 20 years but may need to be replaced after 2 or 3 years.

Rubberized thermoplastic caulking is popular because it is very inexpensive, available in small quantities, and comes in many colors. However, the life span of a thermoplastic window sealant is very short. It is a material that can melt if exposed to sunlight, especially if it is dark in color, and harden extremely during the cold of our winters. This exposure to temperature variations makes them lose their flexibility and they crack. Exposure to UV rays will cause thermoplastic caulking to lose many years of life.

Finally, if your home is caulked with acrylic-based caulking, you will have to replace it after a maximum of 5 years. This type of caulking offers a very low flexibility rate, especially in cold weather, and it often ends up cracking in winter.


Why does caulking age?

The four main reasons caulking ages are: 

1. Climate

Apex Caulking provides caulking for multiplexes, condominiums, and homes located on the South Shore of Montreal. We understand that each building is under the pressure of our intense and changing climate. In the summer, our homes experience heat waves, and in the winter, bitter cold and wet weather prevail. The exterior sealant in our homes is not immune to heat and cold, quite the contrary. That’s why you need to consult with experts who can advise you on the best type of outdoor sealants for each part of your home.

2. Dust

When replacing your outdoor sealant, or when installing silicone sealant for the first time, it is essential to clean the surface to be caulked. Window caulking is a meticulous operation that requires taking the time to make sure everything is dust-free before applying the silicone caulk to ensure the longest possible life for the new caulk joint.

3. Building movement

A new condo building, like a new house, tends to move during the first few years. The materials settle in their place, the first freeze and thaw occur, and it is normal for the building to move. It is therefore common for caulking joints to wear out more quickly in the first few years of a building’s life. A thorough inspection of all door and window caulking joints is sufficient to ensure that the micro-movements of the house have not affected the efficacy of the exterior caulking.

4. Exposure to the Sun

The first area of the house that should be monitored to assess the condition of the door and window caulking is the south-facing side. Sunlight causes the exterior sealant on this part of the condo building or house to wear out more quickly than the sealants on the west, east or north sides. Since UV rays are responsible for the deterioration of exterior caulking, it is important to choose silicone caulking since it has a high UV resistance factor.

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What are the factors that promote the aging of the outdoor sealant?

1. Poorly executed caulking application or service.

It is possible to caulk your house properly yourself, but it still requires expertise and if you have any doubts, call on professionals like those at Calfeutrage Apex Caulking. Attention to detail in the preparation of the surface to be caulked, in the application of the door and window caulking, and in the cleanup after the work is completed can help you take advantage of the exterior caulking’s real life. On the other hand, if the caulking has been improperly applied, the expected results of caulking your doors and windows may not be optimal.

2. Poor quality of outdoor caulking products

As we saw earlier, the life span of different types of sealants varies. In addition, some brands of sealants are much less effective than others. It is important to choose a quality product.

3. Silicone caulking has been applied over old caulking.

For a professional caulking application, the old window sealant must be removed first because the new sealant has to be applied to a clean and dust-free surface. However, if the new outdoor sealant is applied over the old window sealant, it may not adhere well to the surface and will not prevent water and air from seeping into your building. 

4. Applying too little caulking

A door or window caulking joint must be applied in the right amount. Some caulking products shrink with cold and harden, so it is necessary to be generous in the application of the silicone sealant in order to cover the entire surface to be caulked and thus protect your home.

5. Poor preparation of the surface to be caulked

As we have already mentioned a few times in this article, it is essential to properly prepare the surface to be caulked. Your window’s silicone sealant must be applied to a completely clean and dry surface. Moisture and the presence of dust will result in poor adherence between the sealant and the surface. 

Finally, if you have chosen to entrust your South Shore home’s caulking work to the experts at Calfeutrage Apex Caulking, you increase the chances that your exterior caulking will last longer because we will make sure that the work is done properly.

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Caulking tips- when is it time to replace the caulking? – 3 signs that it’s time to re-caulk your building.

Whether you’re re-caulking the exterior of your condominium building or your home, there are three main signs to watch for.

When the caulking is crumbling, cracking, or missing pieces

Silicone seals on windows or doors that are in poor condition, whether they are cracking, peeling, or missing parts, are no longer protecting your home from drafts, insects, and heat loss. The caulking must then be redone in these areas.

When moisture appears near the caulking, or even worse, mould.

If you notice moisture or mould around your doors and windows it may be a sign of water infiltration.

When you can feel the air coming through the doors and windows.

In the winter, walk around your house or condo and look for places where cold air is coming in. You can use a candle near the window or door frames. If it’s flame flickers, it’s a sign of air infiltration.

Don’t forget to include the caulking of other openings around your building!

Your home is made up of a multitude of elements, all of which need to be protected against water infiltration. In addition to checking the condition of the caulking on your doors and windows, you should pay attention to the caulking on the Canexel siding corners, trim boards, wood windows, chimney, soffits, air exits, and expansion joints.

Trust the professionals at Calfeutrage Apex Caulking company on the south shore of Montreal.

The experienced team at Apex Caulking – the caulking experts on the South Shore of Montreal – uses the highest quality products to caulk your home or condo.  Calfeutrage Apex is an innovative and a leading caulking company services: Brossard, Saint Jean Sur Richelieu , Chambly, Granby, Bromont, Longueuil, Delson, Carigian and 30 more cities on the south shore of Montreal.

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The life span of a silicone caulking joint depends on the quality of the product and the application, but other factors must be taken into account.

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