Caulking Door Frame

If you are feeling cold drafts of air or noticing moisture infiltration through your doors, it may be time to replace your door’s caulking. If no longer efficient, replacing the old sealants around your exterior doors is imperative to the well-being of your property. At Calfeutrage Apex south shore , caulking doors and windows is our specialty and expertise. Here is what you need to know about caulking doors.

Exterior Caulking must be applied to all types of exterior doors:

Caulking seals the gaps between the door frame and the wall. It is important to inspect the caulking around every exterior door of your property:

  • Garage doors
  • Entrance doors
  • Back doors
  • Patio doors.

Caulking exterior doors is essential.

Caulking an exterior door helps to protect your property against the weather elements. It keeps cold or hot air drafts from passing into and out of your home, which significantly lowers the costs of your energy bills and improves your comfort at home. Professional caulking prevents pests from entering around and under your doors, as well as protects your home against water infiltration.

Did you know? Caulking is also useful at soundproofing interior doors at your home or office.

The openings between the wall and the frames of doors are typically covered by mouldings. Since mouldings are not adequate to block sound transmission, caulking around the moulding can help a great deal to soundproof the doors and provide more privacy, both at your home and business.

The caulking products Calfeutrage Apex uses for door caulking:

  • Adfast Adseal 4580 – Here at Apex caulking, we use Adseal 4580 by Adfast corp to seal commercial, residential and industrial doors. Adseal 4580 is a silicone-based sealant that is extremely flexible and is available in 160 shades to match every door and frame colour.
  • DOWSIL sealants provide durable, flexible, watertight joints and outstanding unprimed adhesion to most non-porous surfaces. It was specifically developed for  dynamically moving joints.

Whether you caulk your own doors or hire a professional caulking company, we recommend that you inquire about the best type of caulking to be used for your exterior doors.

How to detect air leaks around your doors.

The easiest way to inspect the caulk around your exterior door is to close all windows and doors and hold a burning candle near your door. If the flame is moving or flickering, it may be a sign of air leakage through your door frames.

You can use the same technique to check the seals around your windows, electric outlets, patio door and air conditioning systems.

How to caulk a door frame?

Just like window caulking, door caulking is done in 7 steps:

  • Removal of the old sealant and backer rod (if any) with the help of pliers
  • Removal of stubborn caulk residue with a box cutter knife or an electric knife
  • Cleanup of the surfaces with a solvent and a rug.
  • Insertion of a back rod if the gaps between the door frames and walls are wide.
  • The application of a sealant with a quality caulking gun.
  • Tooling, smoothing of the caulking joints with a wood stick to render the joints airtight.
  • The cleanup and removal of the old caulk and particle residues from the property.

Caulking doors must be followed by professional tooling.

Smoothing and shaping the sealant joints around your exterior doors is extremely important to secure and airtight the joints. At Apex caulking, our professional caulkers are skilled and experienced with tooling the joints for a flawless finish that will improve the appearance of your entrance doors, patio doors and garage doors.

We make sure that the door caulking joints are straight, smooth, and esthetic, in order to complement your property’s appearance.

Caulking a black front door?

In recent years, black front doors, black garage doors, black exterior doors, as well as regular black doors have become extremely popular due to their slick and modern style. As a result, the demand for black caulks is now higher. Unfortunately, many black sealants tend to melt and split when exposed to the sun’s heat, making their application more challenging.

Here, at Apex caulking, we choose the highest quality products that are extremely durable and resistant to UV rays. We are experienced with the application of black sealants to doors, windows and all types of building elements.

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